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The Crux of the Fux

David Lehman

The happiest moment in a woman’s life
Is when she hears the turn of her lover’s key
In the lock, and pretends to be asleep
When he enters the room, trying to be
Quiet but clumsy, bumping into things,
And she can smell the liquor on his breath
But forgives him because she has him back
And doesn’t have to sleep alone.

The happiest moment in a man’s life
Is when he climbs out of bed
With a woman, after an hour’s sleep,
After making love, and pulls on
His trousers, and walks outside,
And pees in the bushes, and sees
The high August sky full of stars

And gets in his car and drives home.


Thanks to PQS, whose appreciation of poetry delights me to absolutely no end.  Because he used to make fun of my "poetry thing."  And now he’s a gleeful and eager confederate.  You can read more about Mr. Lehman HERE.  And did you know he wrote a poem for Obama’s inauguration?  Well he did, and you can see him read it HERE.


Phone Sex Quote of the Day

A contract of mutual self-delusion exists between the caller and the phone sex operator.  The caller imagines he is speaking to his most secret fantasy — and whatever it might be — animal, vegetable or mineral, the operator willingly plays the part.

Phillip Toledano (Phone Sex: The Book)


Phone Sex Babes of the Day

Young Ashley:  She never says no!

Hot Hanna:  She will do anything to please her Master!

Frannie the Trannie:  Forced Bi and Sissy Training!


Okay … that’s all for today.  Off to gamble with my mother.  Wish me well, cross your fingers and your toes.  And call soon.

xo, Angela

3 Responses to “The Crux of the Fux”

  1. Mr. Smith Says:

    The poetry is always a plus and I look forward to it. Otherwise I just wouldn’t get my dose of culture, which some would argue is sorely needed. I also find the phone sex quotes interesting and insightful.

    And I REALLY like the phone sex girls you’ve been showcasing.

    Keep up the good work, Miss ASL.

  2. PQS Says:

    Hey, who’s this Toledano guy? When it comes to phone sex, in my book Angie, YOU wrote the book!

  3. science nerd Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with PQS. I also imagine that your version of the guy’s half of the sexism poem would include a leash, collar and a basement but no one driving home, until certain tricks were performed to the satisfaction of a certain mistress. Just a guess.

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