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Dr. Dr. Give Me the News


3 Responses to “Dr. Dr. Give Me the News”

  1. PQS Says:

    If we get “socialized” medicine like Obama wants you’ll have to wait for months for non-emergency procedures; you’ll have to get multiple permissions in advance from stupid and faceless bureaucrats that really don’t care about you; you won’t have any say about who your doctor is; and you’ll undoubtedly have to fill out reams and reams of arcane forms that make no sense to you and that no one but a lawyer can understand. Do you really want that?

    Who needs that kind of health care reform? Our system’s just fine the way it is!


  2. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    From someone that works in the medical field, don’t even get me started on this one 🙂

    What I will say however, is this. A single payor system, managed by our government IS NOT the answer to our healthcare crisis.

    Off the short soapbox!!

  3. science nerd Says:

    It seems to me that much of the escalating costs began when patients and doctors/labs were insulated from supply and demand by 3rd party insurers. If we all had to pay out of pocket for routine out-patient care and had insurance only for hospitalizations and other in-patient care, maybe the costs would be much lower, people wouldn’t be so likely to see doctors for every little sneeze and doctors would do more hands on diagnosis and not feel so free to order every test known to science for non-emergency cases. Then again, maybe utopia awaits us all. I think I’ll just take two aspirin, call Angela and I shall be healed.

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