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They Who Should Be Cuckolded

When I flippantly posted He Who Should Be Cuckolded recently, I thought I was done with it.  But then these certain entities just kept bugging me, getting in my way and/or causing me a bit of personal disharmony of sorts … and now I’m at it again.  What can I say?  You just can’t keep a good woman down.

But just how do you cuckold a consortium, a system, a cartel, a passel?  Fuck if I know.  When did I ever claim to be a non-linear dynamics theorist?  I’m just your every day, garden variety FemDom Phone Goddess.   I deal in kinky phone fantasies and impossible dreams.  That being noted, I’m certainly not going to let a little thing like inexecutability stop me.   In fact, in MY WORLD — where fourth walls are breakable and all boys are doable —  absolutely nothing is out of bounds or unattainable.   So, yeah, I’m going to cuckold these heartless –heartless to the core — scoundrels.

I’m going to cuckold these "theys" because they haven’t earned my fidelity.  Because, in fact, they’ve disrespected me (and most likely you … so be careful of who you let fuck you) and are generally morally corrupt and ethically underhanded.  Shame.  Shame.  Shame on them!

Let me state this clearly:  All spammers should be cuckolded.  No exceptions, no excuses.  Too lazy and too stupid to get a real job or start a legit business, they sit in front of their PCs pushing automated buttons.  I guess this is their idea of industrious ingenuity,  this is their definition of a meaningful vocation.  The spam they continually spit into cyberspace isn’t even directed.  I don’t have a Bank of America Account, asshole.  So why would I want to update my info?   I don’t have a penis, so why would I want to enlarge it?  Their pathetic attempts to get my attention are analogous to getting a stiffy and humping my thigh, because they haven’t a clue as to how to please a woman.  Cuckold the motherfuckers?  You bet! 

And Comcast, how about if I bundle your corporate, punk ass?   Upsell, upsell, upsell.  Your marketing tactics (snail mail, email, door-to-door, telemarketing — and whatever else the sterile boys in plastics suits come up with) are not aggressive genius; they are belligerent and abusive to the buying public.  And sneaking a movie channel in with a Sports Tier package?  Criminal.  You have no shame and should not only be cuckolded but forced into permanent chastity.  It’s time for you to take the ass-fucking, instead of bending over your customers.

In case you didn’t know, Wal-Mart is EVIL.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone know it.  Kenneth J. Harvey blogs about it.  Jim Wier basically told Wal-Mart to fuck off.   And you really should see the Robert Greenwood Film, WALMART: The High Cost of Low Price.  I’ve never stepped into a Wal-Mart store and never will.  I’d rather pay more, than save a little or even a lot — than spend my consumer dollars with a company who uses foreign sweatshop labor, forces employees into unpaid overtime, and provides such shoddy health care that its employees are forced to rely on medicaid supplements.  Cuckold and sterilize the bastards.  Otherwise they’ll continue to fuck like bunnies, continuing their rampant and destructive propagation.

Note to The Faithful Word Baptist Church:  Your pastor is a wackjob.  His words are poison, his agenda — that of a narcissistic, self-serving zealot. GET RID OF HIM.   True persons of God (Think:  Mother Theresa, Gandhi,  Buddha.  Think:  JESUS) do not promote hatred.  When the title of any preacher’s sermons starts with Why I Hate … you got trouble.  Big trouble.  And until you get smart and expel this jerk, send him packing, bounce his venom-spewing ass … well, I’m just going have to cuckold you as a matter or principle.   Because right now?  You’re bending over and don’t even know it.  You’re the congregation.  You’re the boss.  Fire that lowlife and get on with the business of really serving God.

And that will be enough for now.  I’m depleted, my rant is done.  Cuckolding pluralities, it turns out, takes time, effort and a whole lot of energy.  I’m going to take my tongue out of my cheek now and settle in to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Maybe I’ll order in a Pizza.  No fluffers, no cuckolds, no lovers, no sex of any kind.  Just dinner and a movie.  Who da thunk it?  That a Cuckold Phone Sex Goddess would be doing that on a Sunday night?

xo, Angela

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3 Responses to “They Who Should Be Cuckolded”

  1. hdb Says:

    Right on. I’ll forward all my spam to you (only kidding). Seriously, go get ’em!

  2. science nerd Says:

    That was so good Angela, that even I feel better because of your rant. But as always, a rant of reason and style. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    Ms. St. Lawrence, one of your most charming attributes is your inate ability to speak deep truths, yet we hear them as sweet whisper that only make us smile. And spend much time wondering what life with you in it would be like. Just watching you eat up the world would be pure joy. I guess we’d just have to cling tightly to your suspenders as you took us on the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you, Dear Incredible Lady.

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