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If you like Dirty MILFs …

Laundry Knock

by Devil Spy

My wife of three years and I live in an apartment. Thus, she or I have to use the community Laundry. It was early on Sunday morning when Jill and I woke. Jill is five foot two with a great set of hot tits and a very nice round ass. She is blonde and shaves her pussy clean. I am five foot ten and am in pretty good shape. No beer belly or anything, and a seven inch cock when hard.

We had got up early because I was going to cook for the big game today, so Jill said she would do the laundry. After a cup of coffee she took off her robe and nightly. And her blue thong. Naked she threw on a sweatshirt and a matching set of pants. She put on sandals and got ready to go to the laundry. Braless, I saw her tits sway and could tell her nipples where getting hard rubbing against the sweatshirt. Out the door she went.

Now we have a simple plan. Put clothing in, come home for a ½ hour, then back to put them in the dryer, then home for an hour. Then it is done. She was gone almost a half hour putting the clothing in. Now this was strange, but I thought she must have run into one of her girl friends and they where talking. I began to wonder.

I had shared Jill and her fine ass a few times. Mostly with close friends who found themselves with a wife out of town and where in need. No big deal and it gave Jill time to play with someone else. I always got seconds or thirds and everyone was happy. But always at home. I was always there to watch or listen to her soft and loud moans and groans. All the guys where more or less around the six to seven inch range and treated her well.

Jill finally returned and looked like she was winded. I ask if she was alright and she said yes. That she had just had a great fuck. She was smiling and happy. So I played along, thinking, no way. She is attempting to pull one over on me. She said he worked her over real good and fucked her. So, I thought, ok, I will play along.

See Jill has been off the pill for four months. Dr ordered it and I would just pull out and come on her face or tits or all over her pussy and ass. So did the other guys. Out of respect for Jill and me. So I saw holes in Jill’s story right away. Jill sat down and continued to tell me.

She said she walked in and was surprised to find two other people there. An older Mexican man and a young woman about Jill’s age. The woman was a Mexican also and a looker. Dark hair and skin, nice round tits and a hot ass. Anyway the older guy was dressed pretty much like Jill was and watched her close as she put the clothing into the washer. Really eyed her as she put her personal stuff in. Her bra’s and thong’s. And the two nighties’s. One matching blue and one red. He then got up and stood right behind her. She could tell he was looking her over.

She said she did nothing, but I have watched her myself and she moves that ass just so. I bumps and bumps again and again as she moves. Hell I have seen guys with hard cocks just from watching her walk away. She was talking so sexy that I started to get hard.

Then she said the young woman also came up and he said something to her in Spanish. He was now pressing his crotch up against her hot ass. He began to feel her free swaying tits and nipples. Her weak point. She can cum from her nipples being pulled and pinched. She said she was breathing heavy and looked at the girl who simply leaned in and kissed her. See Jill is bi and loves to love women too.

The woman began to feel Jill’s other free tit as the man wormed his hand down past her fine ass to her pussy and began to rub and feel her wetness. The woman pulled up her sweat top and freed her tits. She leaned forward and began to suck one of her nipples and Jill was lost. She needed a fuck and right now. She said she moaned and had a small cum as the woman sucked and pulled at her nipple. The man had pushed his hand inside of her sweat pants and pushed two thick fingers inside her tight cunt. His thumb rubbing her ass hole.

She was shocked and scared someone would walk in, but to horny to really care as she reached back and felt the man’s hard cock. It was thick and longer than mine. Jill said she pushed his sweat pants down about the same time as he pushed her’s down and she lined his hard eight and a half inches up in her tight but leaking pussy hole.

The nob of his cock was massive and he moved it up and around her pussy to get it good and wet. The woman was playing with her own pussy. Kissed Jill deeply again and pulled herself up in front of her. Spread legged and pulled Jill’s hair and mouth to her open dripping hole. I was hard as hell and pulled off my sweat pants and began to play with my cock. Jill continued to tell me about licking the woman and eating her sweet pussy. That the woman got off five times and held her head tight.

The man suddenly pumped half his hard cock into her pussy. Jill said she never felt anything so thick inside her cunt. She was spreading her legs wide just to get him in. His huge knob was deep in her pussy. He laughed with joy and said something in Spanish and pulled her left hand up feeling her wedding ring. The woman got off again pulling Jill close.

The man let her get use to his big cock as he fucked slow and easy. Little by little, he sunk into his balls. Jill said she was so full that she could feel his cock expel bits of precum into her open twat.

Jill said she got off twice as he pumped his massive thick cock into her. She never felt so open and full. Then the man played as he fucked her slow with his thumb. Getting it good and wet. Then he pushed it in her tight asshole. She said she groaned and pushed back on his thumb and cock. He was speeding up and she knew it would not be long.

The man moaned that she was to tight and he wanted to do her right next time. The woman had pulled her wet pussy from Jill’s cum covered mouth and got down to suck her tits. Feeling and pulling at her nipples as the man kept up rabbit fucking her. His thumb was deep in her asshole and Jill simply came like the fourth of July. Light in her head and all of it. Then she felt the man, deep in her cleft, expand. His thick cock got even bigger and set Jill off again. She wanted to say no, not inside, but it was to late.

He dumped his nut. Hot shot after hot shot of thick sperm was shot into Jill. She was taking his load and what a load he had. The woman pulled at her nipples and got one more hot cum out of Jill as the man shot his wad over and over in her tight pussy.

Jill said when he was done, he pulled his spent cock from her pussy. She felt open and wide. That the woman spanked her ass a couple of times as she sucked the man dry. Cleaning up his balls and shaved pubic area. Jill had his cum dripping out of her used pussy. The woman cleaned some of that too.

I was so hot at this point, I did not want the story to end. Jill stood, and dropped her sweat pants. No shit, thick white cream dripped from her tight hole. All over her thighs. She then mounted my cock and I fucked it all into her at one time. She was open and so wet. I fucked and fucked her pussy. She got off three times and then I shot my load into her.

I rocked her back and forth for a bit after. She said her cunt was sore. She told me she was fucked out. But that she had invited the couple to join us to watch the game. She looked at me in the eye and said, he is the papa of our new baby.

Now months later. Joe and Becky still come over. I fucked Becky twice that Sunday. Knocked her up. And filled her tight ass. Joe slept with Jill all night and she is also in the way. They still come over and the women go to the bedroom and play. Joe and I grill, watch the game, and fuck the women. Good way to spend Sunday’s. Soon we will have little one’s to hold and watch with us. (wink) And Jill’s pussy is still stretched wide.


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