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He Knew Me as Misty

… and long time, no talk. 

At least that’s the way it was between Mr. N and myself until I got this absolutely wonderful email from him:

Dear Angela St. Lawrence:

From an old friend who remembers you as Misty.

While putting some of my stuff in order I found your web address and phone, which made me insanely happy. You have always been my all-time favorite. I haven’t chatted with you a long time. I would like to chat with you as soon as possible.  I can’t to hear your amazing sultry sexy wonderful warm smart teasing voice… And your imagination! Ahhhhh…..

Contact me please.  I’m here with credit card in hand (I won’t tell you where the other one is).  I just need to get out my bottle of Peppermint Castille soap out and you will know exactly what do do with me and it.

Of course with our first (new) call, I  will fully pay and we chat as friends. I want to hear how you are doing, life and all.  Then we will move on to the fantasy part.  Ouch! What is that? Just my dick slapping me in the face — telling me it’s going to explode just thinking about you.  I can’t help it!   A fantasy call with you is like nothing I’ve ever experienced with any other girl before or since knowing you.  I adore you and your amazing talent.

I must have done something good to somebody once to have found your card with your web site and all on it.

By the way, there used to be a picture of a lady with a strap-on in your site. That’s gone. Ahhh. Where is that picture?

OK. Enough blabbering. I pray that you are healthy and well-taken care of, that you are safe and loved, that life comes back to embrace you with goodness and joy even when things go up and down, and that you embrace it back.  Be good to yourself, eat lots of veggies, stay away from soft drinks, drink water and juice and delicious teas, and be good to yourself.  You are a delight.

Dying to talk with you,

Mr. N.

Yes, he knew me as Misty — one of my "characters" at the phone sex service I worked for when in college.  Regardless of the name — and believe you me, a phone sex operator usually goes by many — the connection was a good one.  So, a few years back — when I left the corporate world to rev up the kink-O-phone once again — I’d contacted him and we’d started up again like there hadn’t even been a lapse.  And so we continued for quite a while.

Until he suddenly disappeared.   Being a busy girl with a lot of regular clients, it took a while for me to notice.  Hey?  Wonder what’s up with Mr. N.?  He hasn’t called in quite a while now. Hmmm.  But the world kept turning and the phone kept ringing.  So, although I never ever forgot him, I had to move on.  Two years later — during which I thought about Mr. N. at least once a week, sometimes more — and there he is in my mailbox!  Woot!

I immediately emailed him back and — as they say — the rest is history.  WE ARE ON!  We picked up — for the second time — right where we left off, without skipping a beat. 

It was so much fun to catch up.  Mr. N. apologized for the disappearing act, explaining the whats, wheres and whys of it.  We commiserated about OUTSOURCING — of which we both have too much experience.  We talked about the validity of ANY fantasy and the psychological dualities and complexities of human sexuality.  He told me about his new business venture.

So then I reminded Mr. N of the two-girl call he’d done with me and another (supposedly talented) PSO when I’d been with that service where he’d first contacted me, because it is one of my funniest and fondest memories of him.  He really didn’t remember, but that speaks a lot more to my ego than his memory retention abilities. 

You see, at that point in time, way back when …

Mr. N really wanted to try two girls at once.  This was new ground for him and, obviously, an expensive endeavor.  While I usually don’t like other girls in on calls with me (it’s a mixed bag and you never know who will be up to the task or professional … I’ve actually heard the other girl typing during a call), who was I to rain on his parade?  Despite the fact that the other PSO had only been with our company for a few days, the dispatcher assured me that she was experienced, having worked a considerable length of time  for another phone sex company before signing on with us. 

So — just to be safe — I took it upon myself to talk with this girl first.  Because while Mr. N. delighted me to no end, he was a rather demanding caller.  His fantasies were complex and multi-layered, and he required a lot of verbosity from my side when we played.   So I explained all this to Mr. N’s and I’s pending phone mate, giving her a general outline of Mr. N’s likes, dislikes and hot buttons and emphasizing that it was absolutely essential that she pay close attention to the fantasy as it evolved and to then respond/interact in explicit and creative ways.

You might think that was rather bitchy of me, and perhaps this new PSO thought the same, despite the fact that I went out of my way to be positive and friendly during our entire pre- phonesex huddle.  Oh well, too bad.  Mr. N was paying double for this adventure and he deserved the best.  I owed it to him, myself and the phone sex company to do everything possible to make this thing work well.  Jezuz Chrizt!  Mr. N was paying double for what would probably be an extended call.  In other words:  BIG BUCKS!

But no worries!  This gal told me so.  No worries at all; she knew what she was doing and had this thing in the bag.  And so, it was time to do the dirty deed.

And let me tell you, my friends, it was bad.  We got the moaning, the groaning.  And then more moaning and groaning.  With unflagging expectations and hopes that this was just a case of stage fright which Ms. New PSO would soon overcome, Mr. N and I moved forward with the fantasy.  Then silence, then more moaning and groaning.  I think at one point she did say, "Does that feel good?"  How original and spontaneous! This was an interactive role-play!  Where were the visual pictures and clever words she’d promised?  More groaning.  Then some grunting and heavy breathing — well at least that was something new.  As you might imagine, I was rapidly approaching panic status.  Poor Mr. N!  What was I do to to get us out of this mess?

Suddenly, Mr. N cleared his throat.  Girls, lets stop this for a moment.

Uh oh!

Mr. N proceeded to basically tell New PSO — in his soft-spoken and genteel manner –that she absolutely sucked at this.  He told her that he wanted her to disconnect from the call so he and Misty could continue the fantasy without her.  He assured her that he was not angry, that he was confident that she’d get better at this phone sex thing IF she followed Misty’s example and learned all she could from Misty.  Because Misty was the absolute.  Misty was an artist.  Misty was perfection.  Misty would teach her how to do it right.  Misty was the alpha and omega. 

… and all that jazz. 

While I’ll be the first to admit that Mr. N is possibly a bit biased and even perhaps smitten, seeing me as he does through the erotic glaze of our unconventional and downright dirty escapades — she really wasn’t any good at this phone sex thing.   And even though Mr.N did go on-and-on-and-on about my wonder-hood-ness, he had a valid complaint and was paying for what he’d hoped would be an extraordinary experience.  He was frustrated, poor man.  Even so, he was diplomatic and encouraging with New PSO.

It didn’t matter though.  She was offended or pissed or whatever — because she abruptly hung up the phone.  Very loudly hung up the phone.  And that was the very last of New PSO.  Literally.  She was gone, vamoosed, poof, disappeared.  Bye, bye bye.  Later, after Mr. N and I had said our goodbyes, I called the service and gave them the scoop.  When they rang her up, they got her voice mail.  She was officially missing in action and nobody ever heard hide nor hair from her again.

Oh well … 

Maybe she’s married with five children now.  She could be a model, a nanny, a doctor, an Olympic competitor, a beauty consultant.  Who knows?  Or perhaps she’s the CEO of one of the successful Phone Sex Companies with whom I compete for business.  Where ever she is and what ever she’s doing, I wish her well.

Because Mr. N and I — for the second time — found each other again.  And all is right with the world.  Now I gotta get going and find that strap-on picture for Mr. N.  I promised!

xo, Angela

5 Responses to “He Knew Me as Misty”

  1. litmajor Says:

    Your story raises an interesting question for me – could a second person on a call with Ms. St L ever really add to the experience? I can’t imagine that it would, Angela being such a mind-blowing conversationalist in her own right, but I’d be curious if anyone has ever had that sort of call and whether they would recommend it. I think I have enough still to learn that I don’t need my courses to be team-taught!

  2. PQS Says:

    Misty, eh? I wonder if your caller, Mr. N, was really Johnny Mathis?


    Look at me,
    I’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree
    And I feel like I’m clinging to a cloud
    I can’t understand,
    I get misty, holding your hand.

    Walk my way,
    And a thousand violins begin to play
    Or it might be the sound of your hello
    That music I hear,
    I get misty the moment you’re near

    You can say that you’re leading me on
    But it’s just what I want you to do
    Don’t you realize how hopelessly I’m lost
    That’s why I’m following you.

    On my own,
    Would I wander through this wonderland alone
    Never knowing my right foot from my left,
    My hat from my glove,
    I get misty, and too much in love.

    I’m too misty, and too much in love

    Yeah, I know. I’m a smart-ass.

  3. Angela Says:

    litmajor: Don’t worry, I’m keeping you all to myself.

    PQS: Yup! You’re a smart-ass. But such a cute one.

  4. Mr. Smith Says:

    Rather old-fashioned name, definitely and old-fashioned song, but this blog and you, Ms. St. Lawrence are anything but old-fashioned. All-in-all, I’d say everything is sparkling-fine-dandy.

  5. science nerd Says:

    A great storyteller is always captivating and that is you, be it a true story or a fantasy, Angela. As for PQS’ reference to Johnny Mathis, that cracked me up as my ex-marine, contractor father loved him….blissfully ignorant of Mr. Mathis’ rather obvious sexual orientation…..as helpless as a kitten on a stick…..

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