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What Do You Think I Voted For?


10 Responses to “What Do You Think I Voted For?”

  1. joely Says:

    Pretty amazing, inspirational and touching!

  2. HDB Says:

    God bless that dear man.

  3. science nerd Says:

    Very moving and convincing. The late Barry Goldwater, who raised conservatism to national prominence in the 60’s, came to a similar conclusion as the man in this clip upon becoming close to his gay nephew (I believe). It comes to humanity vs ideology I guess.

  4. ht757 Says:

    Very powerful, should be required viewing for every elected official and their advisors.

  5. Mr. Smith Says:

    God bless you, dear girl, for showing us this. How can a heart not be moved? Even a stone heart? I agree with ht757. should be required viewing for every elected official and their advisors.

    That man, and every parent across America, should know that there will come a time-and in the near future-when we finally figure out how wrong denying the homosexual any rights we enjoy ourselves is.

  6. Sponge Bob Says:

    wow. that’s all i can say.

  7. PQS Says:

    I’ve never been able to understand the conservative animus against gays. So they want to get married? Well let them. If I’m a gay, it’s very important to me. If I’m not, then why the hell should I care what they want to do? How does their marrying impact me?

    So let them get married. As Ann Richards once said about it, who the hell cares?

  8. squaw Says:


    awesome blog

    your link now is on our blog, hope you don’t mind


  9. Vanilla Savant Says:

    I’m not sure why it took so long for this issue to be framed as a civil rights one, rather than a “family values” or religious one, but now that we see it that way, who can be opposed? Your admirers from both the left and the right are with you on this, dear one. Thanks for this moving post.

  10. Angela Says:

    I’m sooo glad (to all of you, readers, emailers, commenters … so listen up!) that I can do what I do (talk & write dirty stuff for a living), but not have to be one-dimensional for you.

    I would wither on the vine, if I just had to keep putting key words in here (phone sex, kinky phone sex, hot phonesex, etc.) and writing a bunch of fake crap. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, I won’t.

    This video just tore me to pieces. How about that? How about fighting for your country, believing in the American Dream, and knowing all your life that the son you love isn’t afforded the rights you fought for and believed in?

    Like Vanilla Savant said, this has become a civil rights issue. It is not about family values or religious beliefs. It is about ALL Americans living their version of their American Dream.

    Thank you, thank you , thank you.

    And to squaw: You can bet I added your link to my blog, also. Thanks for the support. I’m honored.

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