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Balloon Fetish Poem

How to Make Love to a Balloon.

by Claudia Carlson

Let it rise to the ceiling
Tie it down with a velvet ribbon
Let your own breath fill its single lung
Rub talcum powder into its unfilled flanks
Fill it with water and roll it across a waterbed
Draw nose mouth ears and eyes on it in lipstick
Suckle its nipple with the thin milk of your spit
Rub taut belly against your slip until you cling
Take its inflating tongue into your mouth
Try to sing with it riding your tongue
Read it poetry by e e cummings
Introduce it to helium
Call it a secret name
Inflate its ego
Let it go


Well.  Not really a "fetish" poem per se.  It’s more of a lyrical seduction.  If someone would attend me with such concentrated ardor I might like being a balloon.  Maybe someday when I grow up I’ll be able to write as beautifully as Ms. Carlson.  She has a fascinating blog, Elephant House, where she reveals she is working on a novel.  Which — once it’s published — I will quickly put on my Book Wish List and one of my fine gentleman readers will buy for me.  Right, HDB?

Special thanks to Pervert Savant for tucking this extra-special poem into my email box.  It made my day.

xo, Angela

4 Responses to “Balloon Fetish Poem”

  1. PopDiva Says:

    beautiful. every word of it. perfect in every way. thank you.

  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Beautiful, delightful, a sweet and welcome suprise. This poem should be in a “best of poetry” poem. This is one of the many reasons I seek out your blog almost daily and sometimes more than daily. You have some lovely archives, my dear.

  3. PQS Says:

    I’m glad you liked the poem. Light, airy, whimsical, and a little bit funny. Like the best kind of sex.

    Also, thanks for the tip to Elephant House. Ms. Carlson does, indeed, write well. Her posts, like yours, are interesting reads.

    It’s nice to know that there are still a few attractive, middle-aged woman like Ms. Carlson around capable of authoring something as tittilatingly erotic as her Balloon poem. It gives AARP members, such as I, hope. It would be fun to be a balloon for an evening with a woman like her.

  4. litmajor Says:

    Even if I’m not AARP material, I can get a rise from a poet like Ms. Carlson. She’s probably a milf, but I’ll create a new category: PILF: poet I’d like to …. Oh, wait – that’s Angela!

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