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World AIDS Day: Yes We Can

Get the World Aids Day animation embed code here


Statistics concerning HIV/AIDS:

• There are over a million estimated people in the USA living with HIV/AIDS (hhs.gov)
• 21% of people that are infected don’t know it (aids.gov)
• There are around 56,000 new cases of HIV/AIDS reported yearly (cdc.gov)
• In 2007, men accounted for 74% of new cases, African Americans accounted for 51% of new cases, and most new cases fell within the age range of 20-49 (cdc.gov)

Project (RED)

Founded by Bono to aid in the fight against AIDS in Africa, Project (RED) has raised over $140 million dollars globally and  helped over 80,000 people suffering from AIDS in Africa receive care and treatment. 

For purchases made on December 1st:

• Starbucks will donate 5 cents for every handcrafter beverage purchased.
• Gap will contribute 1% of their generated revenues from their stores in the US and Canada.
• Dell will double their contributions to (PRODUCT)RED™ from of Nov. 26-Dec. 2.

You can also show your support for World AIDS Day by:

• Wearing a red ribbon, or the color red.
• Purchasing Project (RED) products.
• Making a donation to Project (RED) or other AIDS charities
• Getting TESTED!


Project (RED) Blog: CLICK HERE


(RED) on Twitter: CLICK HERE

(PRODUCT) RED Special Edition iPod: CLICK HERE

(COFFEE) RED Whole Bean Coffee:  CLICK HERE

(RED) products via Google: CLICK HERE


xo, Angela

Info/Stats via EXAMINER Dot Com

3 Responses to “World AIDS Day: Yes We Can”

  1. jellyfish Says:

    You can bet if the AIDS numbers were as high in the USA or even England or France, there’s be a lot more attention paid to this very serious and deadly disease.

    Thanks for reminding us. I ordered my (RED) Starbucks coffee beans.

  2. PQS Says:

    Good for you Angie. HIV/AIDS still kills a lot of unfortunate people both here in the U.S. and in the rest of the world too. I couldn’t do red today, but maybe I’ll try to follow up on one of your suggestions as an Xmas present to you, and to the world at my next opportunity.

  3. Vanilla Savant Says:

    Thank you for this reminder – and tribute to those who have suffered. R.I.P.

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