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WMD (Yours)

Pink High Heel Shoes

by Dónall Dempsey

I remember drinking
pink champagne

from your pink
high heel shoes

I remember making love
with you wearing only your pink
high heel shoes

I remember
how your pink high heel shoes

became candleholders
(where you stashed your hash)

deadly weapons
in a row

& you ask me
do I remember

your pink high heel shoes?

Do I?
I do!


You bet he remembers.  And remembers.  And remembers.

I find this poem uber sexy, since I have a thing for high heels and happen to own a few pairs of pink high heels.  If you don’t get it, just think about it. 

Think about lying dark in a cool room. Naked, your hands to your side …. your eyes closed as you’re Mistress/lover has instructed.  Hearing the door open, the click, click, click of her heels on the hardwood floor.  I think you can take it from there. 

And if you can’t? You need to call me ASAP! *wink*

Mr. Donall can be found here and keeps a blog here.  Listen to and watch a Poetry Reading here.

Thanks to PQS for sending this uber sexy poem my way … he does indeed know what I like.

xo, Angela


8 Responses to “WMD (Yours)”

  1. anono-mouse Says:

    i am melting, i am vulnerable, i am easy.

    sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.

    nobody does blog, HOT BLOG, better. you are heaven-sent and i am your toy always.

  2. slaveboyseven Says:

    Oh, Mistress – I just sent you some pink shoes. Please wear them for me.

  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    Well, unlike anono-mouse, I am not your toy; and unlike slaveboyseven, I didn’t buy you heels.

    But certainly if you were to wear heels around me, you’d find me easy to toy with.

    Sexy poem and a sexier you!

  4. jellyfish Says:

    If you don’t own those particular heels, I’d be glad to buy them for you. Great poem with great imagery. My mind is full of images and they just keep coming.

  5. Vanilla Savant Says:

    Pink – and red – and, oh yes, gold! And black – and midnight blue. And white. And those clear plastic ones. And the green ones, of course. Golly, just how many shoes are there?

    Cheers to the well-shod Ms. Angela!

  6. PQS Says:

    Wow, everybody’s buying you shoes! All I can afford is polish.
    Does Kiwi come in pink?

  7. booklover Says:

    “I’d rather be dead

    …only when I die! ‘

    she smiled

    ‘…but for now…’

    she laughed

    ‘You make me feel so

    alive! ‘

    ‘And this

    kiss is

    the only


    I want to be!”

    Dempsey and his partner look like a lovely couple. I liked this one.

  8. hot java Says:

    Terse verse is cool. But you in pink heels? HOT.

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