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The Perfect Girl?

"Pretty Eyes Dirty Mouth"

by girltripped

Visit the artist’s gallery to purchase this and other amazing pieces. 


4 Responses to “The Perfect Girl?”

  1. PQS Says:

    My perfect girl doesn’t have blue hair.

  2. hdb Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but. What a hot picture!

  3. science nerd Says:

    You are the perfect example of a pretty and dirty mouth. And blue, being the past tense of blow, works for me any day.

  4. Mr. Smith Says:

    Not sure about the blue hair (some do think I’m a cranky old fart), but there’s undeniably something about the photo, the girl, the words across her lips that I find intriguing. I am pulled in and want to know more.

    I’m very impressed with the photographer’s/artist’s gallery, to the point I may actually purchase a few items for my personal collection.

    Well done.

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