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Simply Beastly


7 Responses to “Simply Beastly”

  1. PQS Says:


  2. booklover47 Says:

    Perfect – I got my boat into the water yesterday and I’m riding it into the sunrise. I know how he feels. Great film, Angela!

  3. AvonBard Says:

    “Exit … pursued by a bear.” Well, not quite. A nice reminder of the Peacable Kingdom. But not even MY wife is that tough. LOL

  4. slaveboyseven Says:

    yelled at, humiliated, oppressed … why did he have to leave, Mistress?

  5. Vanilla Savant Says:

    An interesting film choice, Miss A, for a hardworking woman who just took a long, much-needed break. Are there bears for you to ride in the countryside you recently revisited? Was this film for us … or for you?

  6. litmajor Says:

    Bear nekkid! I love it, Teach!

  7. hot java Says:

    Riding bare bear-back….hmmm – beats the alternative for our downtrodden anti-hero.

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