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Angela St. Lawrence is the reigning queen of high-end, long distance training and Femme Domme phone sex, providing esoteric depravity for the aficionado, specializing in Erotic Fetish, Female Domination, Cock Control, Kinky Taboo and Sensual Debauchery. To make an appointment or speak with Ms. St. Lawrence  ...


What’s a Victorian Boy To Do?


6 Responses to “What’s a Victorian Boy To Do?”

  1. Vanilla Savant Says:

    Ah, those were the days. How appropriate that the film was made by Wooden Robot.

  2. booklover Says:

    Isn’t it just like our Miss StL to remind us of the power of the written word! Thanks for the smiles, Angela; I can’t wait to see the cuneiform versions of phone sex.

  3. puzzler565 Says:

    I love her voice. Even letters read aloud can do the trick.

  4. jellyfish Says:

    I hope he gets a discount. How does he pay? Pony Express?

  5. science nerd Says:

    Although in the larger societal scale, we would all benefit from a greater acceptance of delayed gratification, snail mail sex did not catch on for a very good reason. I much prefer clicking a little blue phone and enjoying the instant tranformation into erotic paradise that Angela does oh so well.

  6. Mr. Smith Says:

    Brilliant! Leave it to YOU to bring this to us. You never cease to astound, amaze, entertain, and most deliciously surprise.

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