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“Very Fine” Art

via: The Naked Truth 

8 Responses to ““Very Fine” Art”

  1. litmajor Says:

    Is this an art gal-ery?

  2. onaleash4u Says:

    and what are my instructions as i stand here, Mistress?

  3. Angela Says:

    litmajor: you are always sooo clever. it’s the edumacation, of course.

    onaleash4u: L I C K

  4. hdb Says:

    Not sure if I saw that one at the MoMA.

  5. science nerd Says:

    Denise Austin, move over for Erobics…done lickety split.

  6. booklover Says:

    Exercise is so important – that young woman, working her legs all day long! I’m impressed, just as the gentleman in the picture seems to be.

  7. Mr. Smith Says:

    Nothing to add to the previous comments except that I wonder what other pieced of art one might find in this museum. And, by the way, just where is this museum? I just might like to stop by.

  8. hot java Says:

    I just love the Moana Lisa.

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