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Balloon Fetish Fun

I’m just sayin ….

(Thanks to HDB for sending this.)

7 Responses to “Balloon Fetish Fun”

  1. PQS Says:

    Looks like a festive occasion. And as usual, it seems I didn’t get an invitation to the party. Rats!

  2. booklover Says:

    No witty response – but I assure you that I just can’t stop looking at this picture. Would you call this “interior decorating?”

  3. science nerd Says:

    OOOO, pop goes my weasel.

  4. AvonBard Says:

    Oh, its a birthday party! “Pin the Tail” is next!

  5. Litmajor Says:

    So That’s what anal beads are for! With Professor Angela, I’m always learning something new.

  6. hot java Says:

    A picture, a thousand words and a million imaginings.

  7. jolenesbedroom Says:

    I once did a call with a guy that was into pink balloons… the guy just liked to sit on his pink balloon and bounce up and down on it and when he was about to cum he’d pop the balloon which would enable him to achieve his orgasm… the calls were always such a lot of fun! So the use of balloons is a real genuine fetish, just like any other fetish and shouldn’t be so easily ridiculed… It’s a shame people are always so quick to judge other for their differences.

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