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You Looking for Me?

As I’ve said before, I really don’t pay that much attention to my stats here at Zen Fetish. Some who know me have oft said that there’s a bit of Scarlett O’Hara in me.  And I wouldn’t disagree.  If I’m in the right mood, I might even admit to a WHOLE LOTTA Scarlett.  Hey, it seems to work for me, so why fix what’s not broken.

But sometimes I do get around to checking out the Zen Fetish back office.  I really don’t know why I don’t do it more often, except for the fact that there is a whole lot of stuff on a daily basis vying for my attention.  And — fiddle dee dee! — isn’t observing and analyzing web site data someone else’s job?  Because it certainly isn’t mine.  While I do wear a lot of hats being the Phone Sex  Diva in charge of this rodeo, there are certain things which should ALWAYS be delegated, particularly if there are numbers and/or any kind of statistical analyzing involved. 

So my Curious Georges, wanna see? 

  • small dick deep throat
  • face slap
  • mistress
  • fetish phonesex
  • cock tease
  • mistress sissy
  • cuckold types (and your type would be?)
  • reasons for cock sucking
  • Penis Whipping <evil grin>
  • kinky phone sex (moi?)
  • phone sex
  • phonesex "angela"
  • bdsm quotes for Mistress
  • things to say to humiliate a small penis <batting eyelashes>
  • small dick deepthroat
  • humiliation small penis
  • domina stern (she’s my buddy)
  • phonesex, phone sex, adult chat
  • renderings, bdsm
  • slapping fetish (► oh my, did I say that?)
  • high end phone sex
  • sexy chat with girls
  • cuckold types
  • watch fetish
  • deepthroat on small dick
  • cuckold story archive
  • humiliating hotwife
  • femdom ageplay
  • sneaker porn
  • phone sex tips (► because I’m a know-it-all)
  • penis punishment
  • cock leash mistress (well, you would be more obedient)
  • haircut fetish porn
  • "fuck my cunt mouth"
  • cross dresser for angela (‘cuz I likes ’em)
  • porn pocket books
  • deep throating small dick
  • penis punishment
  • Penis slapping and orgasm denial
  • face slaps sadomasochism
  • small dick humiliation (now would I do that?)
  • cuckold sad story (Don’t worry, Mister, it’s only a fantasy.)
  • phonesex
  • teasing handjob
  • sneaker porn
  • teenage cuckolds
  • highendphonesex.com reviews ( … I dunno :-/ )
  • erotic blackmail
  • cuckold
  • phonesex roleplay (check HERE)
  • fetish video
  • porn punishment
  • submissive face slapping
  • deep throat little cock
  • office sex fantasy
  • sexy girl
  • "cock-leash conditioning" (of course I ALWAYS train cock)
  • phone sex, fetish

When I do bother to look, I see a lot of the same stuff,  some of which I find either mundane ( perhaps I’m jaded?) or predictable, like the phone sex stuff.  Some things make me giggle; remember Cock-Sucking Love Bugs?  (Which, by the way,  still makes an appearance every once in a while.)  Some things confuse me. 

Such as …

Did you happen to notice the green text?  Huh?  What?  That phrase, deep throat small dick, which is frequently showing up (as you can see) in various constructs, just doesn’t make sense to me.  How does one deep throat an undersized penis?  How is that humanly possible?  Is it wishful thinking on the part of a secret society of er, um "under-endowed" gentlemen who’ve banded together in search of the girl whose tonsils they can tickle?  That sounds like a reasonable explanation, doesn’t it? Because little penises rarely get sucked, let alone have the opportunity — not to mention ability — to deep dive into a willing mouth.  I mean, after all, why would she?

Or …

Maybe it’s the same guy?   Day after, night after night … searching, searching, searching.  Tucking his sad little member between his thighs as he huddles over his keyboard and types away, jumping from Search Engine to Search Engine, scanning forums and chat rooms, continuously rearranging his verbiage.  She must be out there.  I just have to keep looking.  Somewhere there is a woman who can swallow my teenie weenie. Oh where, oh where is the midget girl with the thimble throat?


xo, Angela

4 Responses to “You Looking for Me?”

  1. jellyfish Says:

    You’re popular. Tee hee.

  2. science nerd Says:

    Clearly delivering amazing phone is what we would rather you do instead of reading about it….erotic accounting? Contradiction of terms, me thinks.

  3. Lyndee Says:

    Haha, “they” say, never lose hope!

    I always love when I spend time in the “back office”! Some very interesting “searches” going on. My favorite is when I see:

    Angela St Lawrence

    How awesome is that?


  4. Louch Flâneur Says:

    After so many websites and so very many strangely irrelevant search terms and phrases I’m too jaded to ever look past the first ten.

    Yours are pretty reasonable for a sex blog given the way Google mashes content together.

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