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Duh – Hurty Sanchez

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Hurty Sanchez
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7 Responses to “Duh – Hurty Sanchez”

  1. HDB Says:

    That was very funny. Jon showed a lot of class not lowering himself to Sanchez. I don’t think Rick deserved the pass Stewart gave him late in the video, but to each his own on that.

    I just ask myself where did those words come from and come up with the answer that they’re from within Rick and realize it’s the man not a random set of words.

  2. science nerd Says:

    Clever stuff about a dumb shit.

  3. PQS Says:

    Sanchez is an idiot. Good riddance.

    I get very tired of all of our “pretty-people” newsies. Sanchez was very representative of their ilk.

  4. PQS Says:

    Your post made me check out the meaning of “Dirty Sanchez”. It was revelatory!

    “Dirty Sanchez is the apocryphal act of smearing feces on the upper lip during (or following) various types of anal sex.[1][2] This act may also be referred to as Stinky Hitler, The Filthy Sanchez, ShitLip, Frosty Mustache, in the Boston area, the “Hector” and, in Ilford, the “Mastchio”.”

    You learn something new every day!

  5. hot java Says:

    Jon Stewart is a quick wit. Sanchez, a nitwit. Great bit and the next clip (if you let it run), was pretty funny too, about Lady Gaga’s brother, Gary…..

  6. PQS Says:

    Gary Gaga! Wow!

  7. kmartshopper Says:

    Sanchez is a buffoon. Big, dumb, and ugly. Open uneducated mouth: insert clumsy foot.

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