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January 1, 2011


Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.



So far, so good.

Happy New Year!

xo, Angela


6 Responses to “January 1, 2011”

  1. @LStacey Says:

    Happy New Year, Angela!

  2. HDB Says:

    Well let’s all hope and pray that this year is better than the last.

  3. PQS Says:

    To quote Emo Phillips, “This 2011 will be like no other! I can just feel it!”

  4. puzzler565 Says:

    We have turned a corner, I’m sure! On to many happy things this year.

  5. AvonBard Says:

    “In the number let me pass untold,
    Though in thy store’s account I one must be.
    For nothing hold me, so it please thee hold
    That nothing me, a something, sweet, to thee.”

    Happy New Year, sweet, sweet Angela.

  6. science nerd Says:

    My dearest Mistress, YOU are bold, a genius, powerful and magical….so it looks like ol Goethe and I are indeed dreaming of you.

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