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Rejoice, Emmanuel



77 year old Phyllis Siegel and 85 year old Connie Kopelov

New York City’s first same sex-marriage.

The beginning …


5 Responses to “Rejoice, Emmanuel”

  1. Vanilla Savant Says:

    All we need is love ….

  2. PQS Says:

    Bout time she made an honest woman out of her!

  3. PB Ted Says:

    Good for New York.

    WTF is up with the rest of the states? Get your asses in gear and do the right thing.

  4. booklover Says:

    It has never surprised me that a woman could love a woman … I love women, too! Hooray for the happy couples.

  5. puzzler565 Says:

    A very special day — like today! xoxox

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