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I don’t think you know that you just spun a masterpiece.  You did.  I’ve enjoyed enough of your works to know.

Love, Sandra

This particular brief but sincere email came from one of the most manly men I know.  I’m particularly fond of Mr. M, because he’s the epitome of what I would call the perfect client.  He’s outrageously charming, he’s brilliant as all get-out, he’s cute as a button and he trusts me to take his fantasies and run with them.

And we run with them we do.  It is always awesome and always my pleasure.

But, as you surely see, Mr. M. signed this email with “Sandra.”  Hmmm.  What could that mean?

It means, just for once, Mr. M. wondered what it  would be like to be giver of the blowjob rather than the receiver.  In other words, the female.  How would she feel?  What would her internal dialogue be?  Would it get her hot?  Would she crave his load? Would she get wet, herself?

And, ohboyohboyohboy, did “Sandra” find out.

xo, Angela

3 Responses to “SUBJECT LINE: Wow!”

  1. goodguygonebad Says:

    just another excuse to be down on our knees before the wonderful Angela.

  2. science nerd Says:

    From the golden rule to the golden shower, Angela’s realm of kink knows no bounds.

  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    Boy, I’ve missed you, dearest Angela. So much so that I actually think I’m jealous of “Sandra.”

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