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Out of the mouth of worms …

Albeit, an erudite worm.

An email:

I am just part of the coterie of obsequious sycophants … a cog in the grist mill.  Only Masa Harina tortilla corn flour for you, Miss Angela St. Lawrence.

Stomp me like grapes for the Must.

I ferment for you!

Sincerely, Tiny Wee Wee

I do love a smart boy who knows how to grovel with such flamboyance.

ingratiating, kowtowing,  bondservant  =  Deliriously Happy Mistress

It’s been a very good day.

Goodnight, Darlings.

3 Responses to “Out of the mouth of worms …”

  1. Mr. Smith Says:

    Goodness. I think I may have to start addressing you as Ms. Angela. Goddess? Mistess? Oh Holy One?

    I’m so inept at these things. But I’ll learn, I promise.

    Mr. Smith

    (Would help to add that I was kneeling the entire time I typed this? I do want to stay in your good graces, Ma’am.)

  2. hdb Says:

    You make my annelid shudder.

  3. Angela Says:

    I had to look that up. You’re erudite, yourself, hdb …. or maybe just nerdy-geeky?

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