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… and then he said

So I was twatting* around at Twitter, when someone re-tweeted something by someone else, which I found amusing.  Quite witty, in fact.   So I clicked on this fellow’s name to check him out.  Oh and he was fabulous.  Simply, divinely fabulous.  So I started following him.  Which is how Twitter etiquette kinda-sorta works.

Low and behold, he quickly followed me back which pleased me ever so much-ly.  There in the midst of all those twatters* just twatting* away we exchanged sundry pleasantries.  Which, again, is how Twitter etiquette kinda-sorta works.  It was nice.  It was good.

I was living in a Twittering world.  And I am a Twittering girl.  (Think Madonna. You’ll get it.)

Now I was being a good girl, because on Twitter I feel a girl should mind her Ps and Qs … being as authentically well-rounded as she can, while discreetly** and prudently (but only occasionally) giving a peek up her skirt.

Then I get this private DM (direct message) from my new friend:

You are such a great writer! I really admire your work.

Of course I answered him, because I am always the epitome of polite behavior (don’t you know?):

Thank you.  That is very kind of you.

Of course I was dying to know … who? what? when? where? why?  What had this sweet gentleman read that caused him to reach out to me?  But a girl can’t seem to eager now, can she?  So I thought we were done.  Then he DMs me again:

If it’s okay to ask, how did you decide to follow me? I’ve known your writing for a while now and was struck seeing your name in my feed.

Well, I’m a polite girl by nature and would have replied no matter what he’d said.  BUT “I’ve known your writing for a while” really really really caught my self  interest. You bet it did.  Any writer likes to know they are noticed in any which way.  So I answered:

Someone re-tweeted you, I checked you out.  And I like your style.  It’s that simple.  But I’m hardly the superstar you make me out to be.

Of course, dear reader, I was absolutely glowing.  Writers eat this stuff up!  But you *do* see how insouciant my response was.  Don’t you?  He had to be impressed with my ultra cool, devil-my-care, nonchalant geniality.  Don’t you think so? Then he writes …

Well, as a man married to a blindingly hot cuckoldress (with all the fascinations that implies), you do have a certain celebrity status.

Mother Fucker!

(Oops.  My halo just slipped and there went my Gracious-Goddess patina right out the window.)

But I can’t help it.  Not only did this guy (who is very cute, by the way) trust me with his naughtiest secret of secrets …

… apparently amongst men who are “married to … blindingly hot cuckoldress[es]” I “have a certain celebrity status.”

What a sweetie.

There was more conversation which isn’t of interest here, so we will leave that between me and him.   I’m smitten, I’m forever his friend and he is just a darling, darling (very smart) man.

And I’m not saying he’s smart because he kinda-sorta adores me (as a writer–don’t forget, he has a hot cuckoldress to worship full time).  I’m saying he’s smart, because that’s why I followed him in the first place.  His tweets are savvy, well-constructed and edgy in just the right way.


Mr. Anonymous Cuckolded Tweeter, with the permission of his cherished and beloved inamorata, has agreed to be interviewed by me.  I’m hoping to get together with him sometime next week.  And I know you guys.  Inquiring minds want to know:  How does that cuckolding thing actually work in real life?

Don’t you?  Come on, don’t be shy.  You can tell Ms. Angela.



*twat & twatter & twatting I lifted from Kathy Griffin.  She’s very funny.  And she’s on Twitter too.  And she doesn’t follow anybody!  I love that #sexybitch.

**Special thanks to Pervert Savant for teaching me to check my spelling for the correct usage of discrete/discreet.  I can’t and won’t tell you if he’s on Twitter, because it’s none of your business.  But he is here on my blog.

>>Special thanks to In Bed with Dr Sue for letting me steal #sexybitch from her.  Guess what?  She’s on Twitter too.

>>Special thanks to Twitter for hashtags (like the # seen in #sexybitch) which are just so much fun to use.  I even make up my own. Like #yayray which I created for a very special friend I met on Twitter, Ray, who describes himself as:  “Budding chef, blogger, personal assistant, somebody’s hero, avid reader, meditation student, coffee lover, dry humorist, friend, art liker, & lover of life.”

5 Responses to “… and then he said”

  1. booklover35 Says:

    Can’t wait for the interview! The fiction you posted last week was intoxicating, but I’m really curious about a relation which can thrive under a cuckolding model. Some real life perspective will be fascinating. Angels, a sincere “Thank You” for my liberal education.

  2. Angela Says:

    booklover, he is just a jewel. And you are too. Because I know you will truly appreciate the interview, despite it not being your thing. I love you for your open mind … and so many more things. xo

  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    Well now look what you’ve gotten us all into. I’m curious. I’ll admit it. Maybe a bit fascinated.

  4. hdb Says:

    You kept telling me this was for real, but I thought your were joshing me. I don’t know how you do it, but you have a way about you that brings people close to you. This should be very interesting. Can’t wait to read this interview.

  5. Richard Says:

    Literatrix, I’m forever grateful that you got me to start tweeting.

    Love and adoration,

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