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… it felt just so right

My dear Mistress Angela,

Today I was giving a speech in front of 1500 people – wearing my chastity device and my plug and thinking of You!

It was very exciting and …

… it felt just so right.

love,  SubBoy248


Yes, another email from a long distance (and very much cherished) slave.  He is beautifully submissive: polite, soft-spoken, always respectful, loyal, attentive, obedient to a fault.

He also accepts his strap-on training with as much grace and dignity as one can when one is in restraints and bent over like a bitch.


In case you’re secretly tempted, here is where we rendezvous:

Correction ❤ Imprinting ❤ Obedience ❤ Servitude

xo, Angela

2 Responses to “… it felt just so right”

  1. hdb Says:

    I’m always secretly tempted, but I think I’ll stick to calling you on your Literate Smut line. Seems safer.

  2. Mr. Smith Says:

    Wow. You make them tow the line.

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