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i wish for us

that the mud and the muck
of this fallen down
fallen world
falls away from us

that once and forever
we brush it gone
caked bits of weightless dreck
remnants of nothingness
like we always knew we could

that we hold wonder in our fists
both precocious and precious
in same holy measure
our apposite hoard

that we reach into our pockets
finding those moonstruck dreams
right where we left them
our chimerical medleys

that from here to there
and everywhere betwixt
with every brethren fellow
brows un-knit
shoulders un-square
breaths un-clench

that we might
disburdened and unweighted
absolved and attended
unloosed from our ligatures
renewed of our fortitude
resolute in our sovereignty

give thanks
give thanks
give thanks

Thanksgiving 11/22/12
Angela St. Lawrence

5 Responses to “i wish for us”

  1. Mr. Smith Says:

    Unexpected and perfect. Best thing that happened so far this Thanksgiving. Thank you, Angela. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  2. throbbert Says:

    So I come home, stuffed and sated and pretty content. But you know me, Angela, there’s a bit of the world-weary in me.

    And I check out Zen Fetish, just to see if you left us a Thanksgiving joke or greeting or story. But, as usual, you surprise us, beguile us and inspire us

    Our dirty Princess, our complex Diva, our brilliant Poetess, thank you for writing with such beauty and grace, and sharing your heart with us.

  3. Vanilla Savant Says:

    It’s late, the dishes are done, the house is quiet and I start to feel a little blue – and wise Angela reminds me to give thanks. In her presence, I admit, I always am “absolved and attended.” So thank you, for lost inhibitions and for special moments. Bless you, Angela.

  4. litmajor Says:

    Good words, Teach! I still think your poetry is the best. Thank you for opening my eyes, over and over and over again.

  5. Living By The River Says:

    Beloved Angela,
    Of all forms of writing, poetry is the hardest. You do it with such grace and beauty that it’s breathtaking. Thank you for sharing with us your talent to write, your courage to express your innermost thoughts and emotions, and your skill to put it all into words.
    You are quite the lady.
    May your cup overflow with peace and love.

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