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Faux Christian Bull Shitter

What would you do with Klondike bar? Or a testosterone-driven phone sex caller who can’t keep his erect penis and and his Acts of Contrition in their proper places.  He calls my FemDom phone line craving servitude … not redemption.

Then at a later date sent me this:

Dear Lady,

Permit me to remind you of something that you have probably heard before, even many times before. But I have something to say also that you probably have not heard before.

Several months ago, we had a short phone session in which you expressed your desire that I suffer for you.

Respectfully, I will remind you that the woman for whom a man is willing to suffer is the woman that he loves, and his suffering takes place of his own volition. He suffers for her, when he must, of his own free will.

When you proposed that I suffer for you, you were indeed leaving it to my own volition to actually do it, but to tell me that you want me to suffer for you is not right. For you to desire the devotion of a man is quite natural and good. But for you to actually desire that he suffer for you is evil. When a man suffers authentically for you, he will do it out of love, and you will not actually desire his suffering.

Dear Lady, there is someone who has indeed suffered for you truly. He did it of His own volition before you desired anything at all. Jesus Christ has suffered to the point of death for you, to pay for your sins, so that you can live. Take His offer by believing in Him. Then, live your life to please Him. Then, if you desire the devotion of a man, ask your God to give you the bond of true love. Then, share that bond with your man that God gives you. You will be stunned into silence by the sweetness of the true devotion of your man.

Respectfully yours,

Boot Slave

Maybe Boot Slave will be happy to know that God is now a regular caller and one kinky motherfucker.  Amen.

9 Responses to “Faux Christian Bull Shitter”

  1. lawyer guy Says:

    He called you, for Christ’s sake! (oops.)

  2. hdb Says:

    That boy needs to be born again in the redemption that you and only you know how to deliver. What and idiot.

  3. Angela Says:

    lawyer guy … exactly!

    hdb … I fixed your typo, ‘cuz I’m anal and it’s my blog, so there. And yes, He is an idiot. Big time.

  4. Vanilla Savant Says:

    Boot Slave has “done those things which he ought not to have done” – questioning the supremacy of our Goddess. Forgive him, Angela, for he knows not what he does.

  5. onaleash4u Says:

    Mistress, i think he fails in servitude. even less worthy of your attention than me.

  6. booklover35 Says:

    I think what this guy is asking you to do is to nail him to a cross. Is that in your bag of tricks? (You’ve teased me with your nails – but I thought they were fingernails.)

  7. Mr. Smith Says:

    I imagine you would run into this quite a bit.

    I hope, as booklover35 suggested, you nail him to a cross. He deserves every bit of torture you can dish out.

    Hipocracy never knows his own name, even while he points a finger.

  8. Angela Says:

    Vanilla Savant, sometimes I think you know me better than anybody else in this entire world.

    onaleash4u: Should I ban him? (I already have.)

    booklover35 & Mr. Smith: I think you guys are onto something. Praise the Lord!

  9. science nerd Says:

    This guy gives hipocrites a bad name. My esteemed colleagues above have done justice to you in their responses. Amen, indeed.

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