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A (very mean) Letter to a Cuckold

You want it all, don’t you?

Well FUCK YOU, pig boy. You don’t get it all.

If anybody gets it all, it’s the wife. Hopefully she’ll figure you out someday and she won’t leave.  She won’t leave …  but will stay and use your cock-stupid behavior to her advantage.

She will cuckold your ass like there’s no tomorrow.   She will rub her behavior and her well-fucked cunt into your face.

She will remind you that you weren’t man enough to be a good spouse when you had everything and anything a man could dream of.  The perfect trophy wife:  beautiful, blonde, smart, successful.  She will remind you of all the men who hit on her, yet she remained faithful.  She will remind you that you married up … and should have been kissing her ass and kowtowing to her right from the beginning.  She’ll remind you how she trusted you and believed you were a good man.

Reminders.  At least at first.

Then, later, once she’s gotten you used to regularly sitting on the sofa or sleeping in the guest room while she’s getting it on with her latest lover, once she has you trained as a low-rent cuck-a-hubby and begins really enjoying it and …

… once you realize you are so FUCKED. That your fantasies have come true and your wife is the ultimate wicked princess and loving every minute of it.

Then she will tell you.

She will tell you that she knew all along … about your twisted antics at NiteFlirt, your filthy thoughts, your dangerous and sick games.  About Angela St. Lawrence.

She will tell you that long before she finally “pretended” to catch you and turn the tables and make you her subby cucky …  she was already craving huge cocks and had been sampling more than a few here and there.

She will tell you that she fucked one of your supervisors when you were on a business trip.

She will boast about doing two of your best friends in your marital bed, the night you passed out drunk after the Super Bowl party you’d hosted.

She will smirk and tell you that your other friends watched and beat off.

She will laugh, explaining that often when she told you she was too tired or had a headache, she knew she was getting a big dick the next day and didn’t want to spoil that fun with a piddling, unsatisfying encounter with you.

She will tell you that even when she fucked you she was thinking about other men … how big they were, how they knew so much more about how to please a woman than you ever could or will.


She will say to you …

What are you going to do about it? What in the hell do you think you can do about it, you gutless worm?

Be grateful you still have me, because you and I both know I’ve had better and can get better any fucking time I want. Be grateful that I don’t have my latest squeeze move in with us and make you serve both of us.

Because, you piece-of-shit snake of a husband, you and I both know that I can.  We both know that you could never ever get someone as hot as me again and you are fucking lucky I am till here.

The bottom line, my funny little faggy valentine?

While you were busy doing your convoluted version of phone sex with Angela? I was getting the real deal. I was getting banged by super studs with monster cocks.

And you were too stupid and too fucked up to know.

So go call Angela and wank on that worthless pin dick of yours.

Because from now on: that’s your poor pathetic sex life.


I wrote this as a Pay-To-View for a very fun and kinky guy.  Hope you like it.  You can even masturbate to it.

Um.  You do know I’m a nice girl, right?

Unless, of course, you’re a testosterone-challenged wanna-be man.


7 Responses to “A (very mean) Letter to a Cuckold”

  1. hdb Says:

    A very hot and angry post. Not my cup of tea but you’re damn hot and a fine writer Angela. I could almost “buy that” sort of game, almost.

  2. onaleash4u Says:

    so close to my truth – especially the part about calling Angela again and again and again..

  3. booklover35 Says:

    I’ve often dreamed of marrying Angela. But after reading this … well, maybe not. 🙂

  4. lit major Says:

    “Art imitates reality.” So I guess I better call you, Angela, since you quote my lady telling me to. Teach me tonight.

  5. Mr. Smith Says:

    How can you be so frightening and lovely and sweet all at the same time?

    It’s a mystery never to be solved, I suspect.

  6. Angela Says:

    Well, Mr. Smith, it seems lit major, booklover35, onaleash4u, and even hdb have learned to not question “the miracle I am” and to just drink the Kool-Aid.

    I’ve whipped up a special batch just for you. Aren’t you a lucky boy?

  7. science nerd Says:

    Mistress could thread many needles with the dicks she owns…and the above manifesto makes this perfectly clear. You are an artist with an attitude, my dear.

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