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A Poem via Romantic Savant


Tom C. Hunley

You’re not sure whether or not to divorce your spouse,
so you go for a walk to think-think-think, because
you’re a thinker. A pair of bluebirds fly in unison, sing
in unison. They shoot straight up in unison and then,
as if in a wordless, songless agreement to disagree, one
arcs sharp right, the other veers left at a mirror angle,
and because you’re a Romanticist at heart, you decide
you have to break your marriage in half.
But you’re part Postmodernist, too, so you think
maybe the birds are being ironic, and you think
staying and leaving are really just two ways
of doing the same thing. And since you’re also
part Modernist, you pray, a throwback to your latent
Victorianism. You ask God what you should do, and
before He has a chance not to answer, you tell Him
you don’t believe in Him anymore, though at moments
like this, you wish to God you still did.

Tom C. Hunley


Three things.

First, I absolutely love this poem. It arrived in my email seconds ago and — already! — here I am posting it for you.  It is, after all, poetry month.

If you are someone who just doesn’t quite get the poetry thing, maybe this will help you wrap your pretty little head around it.  I mean, married or not married or previously married or not previously married … well it doesn’t really matter, does it now?

And is it really *just* a commentary on marriage?

You still get it, don’t you? You get it, you GROK! I know you do!  Because this says everything about the human adventure: our redundant foibles, our silly sweetness, our ironic dichotomies. And I would argue that this lovely poem also speaks to the markings of what I call “God’s Fingerprints” on even the most intellectual and scientific of us, whether we know it or not.  And yes … I do see these Fingerprints often.  And on whom you’d  least expect, or, in some cases, suspect. 🙂

Secondly: Yes! I’m adding Romantic Savant (who turned me on to Mr. Hunley and his beautiful poetry) to my Phone Sex Savant collection. It’s been a very long time since Zen Fetish has had a new Savant,  and to make room for him I needed to get into that damn display case to dust off and rearrange my tried and true most loyal Savants.  I’ve been a neglectful collector.  The dust was so thick in that display case, all of my Savants got a blow job and they didn’t even know it.

And he will be knighted sometime soon, when you will learn more about him. I expect the rest of you Phone Sex Savants to move over, make room and play nice.

And last but certainly not-in-the-least least … more about Mr. Hunley. His books are available here, and I’m particularly desiring this one. Who’s going to buy it for me (paperback, please)?

He is the Director of Steel Toe Books and also teaches poetry classes (*swoon*) at Western Kentucky University.

Life is good. So deliciously and delightfully good good good. And I am a happy happy happy girl.

xo, Angela

6 Responses to “A Poem via Romantic Savant”

  1. hdb Says:

    Angela, you leave me more and more amazed at your depth each time I read your posts. You can be pretty much as naughty as naughty can be and then in a heartbeat so full of sweet passion it makes me weak in the knees.

    Well, I’m no poet (as if you couldn’t tell) but what I’m trying to say is what a treasure and treat you are and I wouldn’t change I thing about you even if I could.

    Thanks for being you.

  2. lit major Says:

    Time to redefine the canon! What a fascinating poem. I’m off to amazon.com to buy his collections – and maybe I’ll move south to take his courses! As ever, you are amazing, Teach!

  3. Avon Bard Says:

    “Or crafty Malice might pretend this praise,/ and think to ruin, where it seemed to raise.” Not I, however; this is good stuff. Quite the find, Angela!

  4. Vanilla Savant Says:

    Another seat at the Round Table? Welcome, Sir Night!

  5. Angela Says:

    Hugs to HDB, lit major and Avon Bard..

    And just so you know, Vanilla Savant, I doubt the soon-to-be-knighted Romantic Savant will comment directly on this blog (he’s the retiring type).

    But he is reading it. That I know for sure.

    (but I would love it if he did … time will tell)

  6. Mr. Smith Says:

    Should I be jealous? Maybe I could be Blog Reader Savant?

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