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Mistress Music

Just a few golden notes (from emails and conversations):

  • I’m in an impossibly dull and useless conference call–I had far more stimulation hooded, bound, and alone.  (after an “isolation” session)
  • It just makes me hotter to hear you giggle when I moan in discomfort. (denial & CBT … delicious)
  • The first time we spoke, it was love at first kink. (kink-a-dink-a-do, baby cakes)
  • Would you really make me masturbate in front of your girlfriends? (not ten of them … but perhaps a few)
  • You’re a Man Eater! (anybody have a toothpick?)
  • You’re the only woman I’d kneel for. (and he does it often)
  • Did you tell your girlfriends that you spoil me? Or that I am enthralled? (and he’s hasn’t cum in a month … oh my)
  • I am supposed to be working, but can only think about that leather outfit. (from my leather freak, of course)
  • Did I really eat my own cum for you? Disgusting! (but I bet he’ll be back for breakfast)
  • I am so nervous that I can’t call. (he did and now he’s mine)
  • You get wet when I wear panties for you.  Admit it.  (ahh … the eternally hopeful slut)
  • You aren’t just a sexy voice and sexy mind crafting sexy words, you are truly a wonderful person. (sweet boy)
  • Yes, I’ll use any pretense I can think of to reach out to you. (I own you *licking lips* yum)
  • I went to sleep with you on my mind, which is pretty much where you had been all day. (soon-to-be-knighted Romantic Savant)
  • I’m serious about meeting you. Name the place and time and I’ll be there (thanks, but no thanks)
  • I’m still trembling three hours later. (carry on, sweet pea)
  • How vile I am. (he makes my mouth water)
  • Cumming in a corner with my pants around me ankles? Damn, Girl! (don’t forget the lesbian action behind you)
  • That countdown was brutal. (❤❤❤)
  • I was fucking my girlfriend and all I could do was think about you and the things you made me do. (mission accomplished)

… and the beat goes on.  The beat goes on.

Tra la la.

xo, Angela

7 Responses to “Mistress Music”

  1. Mr. Smith Says:

    Such versatility. I’m impressed (and a little intimated).

  2. hdb Says:

    Quite a following dear lady!

  3. Joel Says:

    It is right to be nervous before calling. She is dangerous and wonderful.

  4. science nerd Says:

    Oh the kinks she can think and, as expected, she is adored by her creatively aroused, obedient and very bright fans….

  5. booklover35 Says:

    all of the above!

  6. Angela Says:

    As Joel said,

    I’m dangerous and I’m wonderful.

    That’s what is so delicious.

    Right? Say it together: “Yes, Ma’am.”

  7. Mistress Peyton Says:

    Watches and learns from the best! Standing Ovations Ma’am!

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