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Of course you do …

I feel myself shrinking, thriving in anxious fear and desire. I ache to awake to Scunt where I am perpetually destroyed, eternally distraught, and evilly disfigured.

You infect me.

As much as I fear your flicking off the veneer…no, I will not say I desire it. I fear it. I want to fear it. I want to fear each piece of me you take. I want to live in terror of how you’ll have me expose myself. Exposing my identity is terrifying. Exposing my true self is…abyss.  Sweet, toxic bliss.

(just another email from a worthless piece of shit)

11 Responses to “Of course you do …”

  1. Mr. Smith Says:

    Darling Angela, I do believe you are the siren of the internet. Is there no man who does not come under your spell? Any power you do not inhabit and claim as your own?

    You are beautiful. You are mysterious. You are mystical.

    Only you can make your readers both aroused and supremely envious of this “worthless piece of shit.”

  2. subgreg Says:

    I get the feeling he deserves every bit of abuse You can whip up for him.

    He will learn (like we all do) that You know best and he is lucky if he even gets to lick your ass. Like You told me long ago: “Surrender is the most beautiful word in the English language.”

    So, buddy, get on your knees and serve. It’s all ya got going for ya.

  3. Joel Says:

    No one has more power to degrade the lowly or uplift the noble than Angela.
    As he relishes the degradation, so let it be.

  4. hdb Says:

    So glad I’m on your good side.

  5. Angela Says:

    subgreg: Oh yes my pathetic curb-humper deserves every bit of abuse I can conjure up. You don’t know the half of it and for discretion’s sake, we’ll leave it at that.

  6. Angela Says:

    Joel … you speak the truth in you always chivalrous way. xo

  7. Angela Says:

    hdb … of course you’re on my good side. (unless we’re talking politics) And isn’t it about time you sent me some pretty flowers?

  8. science nerd Says:

    There is an overused phrase that actually applies to you, Angela…”the cutting edge.” Every corporate and academic entity seems to be on this proverbial cutting edge. However, Angela, you ARE the cutting edge and this fan relishes every slice you give out.

  9. lit major Says:

    Even if I don’t want to be submissive, I want to tell Angela everything. She is a magnet for my inner mysteries.

  10. AvonBard Says:

    The sweet bliss part of this testimony rings a bell. Angela, you find a unique way to master each of us.

  11. slaveboyseven Says:

    he writes so much better than i do, Mistress. he has bliss; i don’t deserve it. but i worship you the most.

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