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It’s Easter, bitch.

easter mayem
Photo via Unexplained Pictures

Well, I was planning on running an Easter special.  It didn’t work out, but you guys know that,  just like the Easter Bunny,  I always deliver the goodies, and will come up with something soon that will Rock Your Cocks.

I’m also writing this post early evening of Easter day … because, well, I really really really was busy doing the Easter thing for my mother. I made her a basket with all kinds of goodies (shampoo, perfume, nail polish, chewing gum, bracelet, candy … all the little things that make her happy), and helped with an Easter party for her and her friends.  See? I really do have a reasonably adequate excuse for the No Discount Holiday Phone Sex.

Then again, I have to say that even as a child, I never really was overly excited by Easter.  Nor birthdays, come to think of it.  Nor any holidays requiring picnicking (unless there’s a swimming pool). Yup, it’s pretty much just Thanksgiving and Christmas that wets my loins.  Nonetheless, I did go out of my way for this one and I’m on-the-verge-of collapsing tired and glad to be back home.  First, you and this blog. Then the sofa and a glass of wine. And then, the best part,  bed and a book.  Mmmmmm.

Before I go …

Just in time for Easter: Muppet Christ Superstar You can listen for FREE, but don’t be a putz. Donate generously.

So pretty: Dressed Up Easter Eggs

And guess what Dark Gracie did for Easter?  She tweeted her intentions, so think on this for the rest of your Holiday:

And then there’s The Peruvian prisoners rocking those iron bars and with their production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and I love them for it.

My Pope Francis is a Rock Star. And don’t you forget it.

Ya know, there are those *other* Easter Eggs that keep on giving all year round.

Easter Joke:  What did the Easter Egg say to the boiling water?   It’s going to take awhile to get me hard I just got laid by some chick!

Sooo …

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