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Me and You


bounding you to the bed

nipple clamps applied

anal toy inserted

observing. seducing. taunting.


i’m panty-less under my skirt

teasing your cock with my fingers

the edge of a french nail, the press of a finger

then slapping your balls.

one. two. three.

another for good measure

fingering myself

letting you suck my finger


feeling my strings in your hands

i am taut with tension and desire

hungrily reaching for your sweet body

i am crazed beyond words with desire from the feelings in my ass

feeling your moist moist heat

against my thighs as you lay against me

thrusting and squirming against your touch

unable to satisfy my crying need for friction

brought up short by the shock

breathless. voiceless. mindless.

sucking licking slavering

my mouth is insatiable

please o please

fuck my mouth with your hand, my ear with your tongue, my ass with your toy

crazy with lust

2 Responses to “Me and You”

  1. jamie Says:

    Such nuance of the encounter captured so powerfully in prose. If permission was granted I would have come before the end of the second stanza

  2. throbbert Says:

    Now that’ll make a guy blow a load in his shorts…

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