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Angela St. Lawrence is the reigning queen of high-end, long distance training and Femme Domme phone sex, providing esoteric depravity for the aficionado, specializing in Erotic Fetish, Female Domination, Cock Control, Kinky Taboo and Sensual Debauchery. To make an appointment or speak with Ms. St. Lawrence  ...


Taking Care of Business

taking care of business

2 Responses to “Taking Care of Business”

  1. science nerd Says:

    So close but not quite…one of Angela’s themes that drive us all wild.

  2. Joel311 Says:

    Gently and ever so slowly. The jacket, the tie, the shirt had all given way to her gradual conquest. Would it take a month to disrobe at this rate? Your yearning for speed is exceeded only by her insistence on deliberation. Surrender cannot set the pace of the longed for conquest.

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