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He wrote me a poem


Lost and alone
Seeking for a star

A night full of lights
Disguising the pole

Constant and true
You shine alone

Beauty of truth
Joy of desire

Warmth of heart
Depth of soul

My lack
Your supply

My soul renews
My hope reborn


Dear Angela,

I haven’t written a poem in thirty years. I wrote this for you.

What I was trying to say is that …

No matter how submissive in bed or life it isn’t enough to be a sub. Much of why I love you is because you are a leader.

I hope you like it.

Poetry is hard!

sub boy toy

2 Responses to “He wrote me a poem”

  1. Puppet Prince Says:

    Oh for a muse of fire?

    Miss Angela may have at last ignited such a one, to inspire creation from the depths that would glorify Polaris by comparing it to herself.

    I like it better than Bukowski!

    [quickly ducking in case of thrown 1/4 filled bottle of stale wine]

    Okay. Maybe not, but Miss Angela (the North Star) can sure inspire.

  2. science nerd Says:

    Angela does inspire her many fans/slaves. I am one of the happily shackled devotees and, thus, appreciate sub boy toy’s homage in verse.

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