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blessed be you

when she turns to you
her circumspect attentions
blessed be you

when she opens you up
her clever bemusement
blessed be you

blessed be you
unhinged and broke open
blessed be you
asymmetric and fervent

blessed be you
that your merits are counted
blessed be you
because your edges are rounded

when she gives to you
her urgent crooked love
blessed be you

when she drains from you
like a dark-eyed gypsy
blessed be you

blessed be you
un-creased and pressed flat
blessed be you
teetering and undone

blessed be you
wrung out and boiled down
blessed be you
buoyant and effervesced

blessed be you
sweet boy
for her blessings
these blessings that are yours to count


by yours truly,
xo, Angela

5 Responses to “blessed be you”

  1. castaway Says:

    Now these are some Beatitudes this lapsed Catholic can get behind!

  2. Joel311 Says:

    intoxicating. trancendental. hypnotic.

  3. Joel311 Says:


  4. Mr. Smith Says:

    The should be a book. Your words are indelible and transforming.

  5. science nerd Says:

    I am torn between selfishly coveting Angela and wanting to illuminate her captivating, creative talents for all to appreciate.

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