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Slave Modification

It started with a nipple ring which grew larger and larger as the fantasy progressed (that is to say, the ring didn’t grow, the way I imagined it did).

Next was having both nipples pierced and chained together.

Next was having a steel cock ring welded on. This upgraded later to one that had a dial that could be turned which would extend spikes inward.

Then came the facial tattoos. At first it was just “slave,” then it became more intense and expanded to include scars and brands disfiguring me, even covering my head which was shaved bald. When the hair began growing back my skull was acid-washed to destroy the cells, as well as to further mark me.

Next came my tongue, which started as pierced by then was split instead.

And then. My teeth. All pulled.

Naturally without pain killers. No more hard food. Grateful that my lips were left so that I could survive without a tube, though I’d primarily be fed via a device that filled my mouth and I sucked on like a bottle. A reverse gag created that was basically a bite plate with pins so that I couldn’t close my mouth and that if I tried to grit my teeth in pain I would experience so much more.

Then you told me: You will be a more valuable cocksucker.


Written by a devoted, twisted fuck. Who I happen to adore. And so enjoy torturing in our darkest of worlds.

xo, Angela

5 Responses to “Slave Modification”

  1. castaway Says:

    Nice, Ms. Angela–Your apparent magnetizing effect on “devoted, twisted fucks” knows no bounds…

  2. throbbert Says:

    Wow, Angela. That’s some pretty messed up Scheisse.

  3. Mr. Smith Says:

    Wow. Had to steal some of my wife’s pain meds to even read that.

    He’s a very brave man, and a glutton for punishment.


  4. science nerd Says:

    And the Dr. Mengele award goes to…..

  5. Scunt Says:

    Definitely a glutton for punishment with only the barest sense of self-preservation. One which he clearly ignores often.

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