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drive through de-masculation

castration on the go

6 Responses to “drive through de-masculation”

  1. Puppet Prince Says:

    “No, you may not ‘check under the hood’. Just a fill-up, with gasoline.”

  2. Angela Says:

    That’s not what those hoses are for: bend over.

  3. Puppet Prince Says:

    Yes, Mistress.
    Thank you, Mistress.

  4. Mr. Smith Says:

    The two of you have made me blush. Please don’t tell me to bend over. Or, for that matter, take a swing through that drive through.

  5. throbbert Says:

    Yeow, that’s no place to get gas that’s for sure.

  6. science nerd Says:

    At least in New Jersey, this wouldn’t be self service.

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