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Angela St. Lawrence is the reigning queen of high-end, long distance training and Femme Domme phone sex, providing esoteric depravity for the aficionado, specializing in Erotic Fetish, Female Domination, Cock Control, Kinky Taboo and Sensual Debauchery. To make an appointment or speak with Ms. St. Lawrence  ...


#FeedbackFriday 0.2

telephoneThe boys are talking ….

She, who could put Zeus in his place; a combination of Aphrodite, Athena and Eos, deigned to bless me with her directions, scorn and bemusement. I long for her.

NiteFlirt should be happy that Angela St. Lawrence is a member of their ranks. She’s hands down the best PSO that has ever graced Bell’s invention.

Have your fantasies realized in “AngelaVision”! A very special talent and person.

Ms Angela is a magical artist and enchantress. She will tease out your passions and play them back to drive you through her looking-glass into a world of physical poetry and aural excitement beyond any dream.

When she whispers her sweet somethings into your ear, you are ensnared, once and for all, by a true Goddess. There is no pretending here. There is no mercy. She is real. She wants what she wants. And she knows just how to go about getting it.


See how sweet my guys are? CALL SOON … so I can see what YOU have to say about MOI.


4 Responses to “#FeedbackFriday 0.2”

  1. castaway Says:

    Greek mythology guy wins this round of feedback, though I hasten to commend all of the writers for their excellent taste in finding the divine Ms. Angela…

  2. science nerd Says:

    And she is the absolute genius of surprise endings. You call and if you have called before, she launches into a perfectly intuited narrative that has you on your knees. You think you know where this is going, but you are a fool. She never takes you to the same amazing place twice.

  3. Joel11 Says:

    She is the most erotic flirt you will ever hear.

    To describe her requires a uniquely famine, elegant, and erotic language as yet unknown.

  4. Joel11 Says:

    Feminine not famine.
    Autocorrect is not my friend.

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