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Sneaky Boys Must Be Punished

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Note the not-so-subtle manipulation:

Dear Mistress Angela

Thank you for taking time to consider my plea.
I did disobey.
I ask and beg for your mercy and correction.
Correction need not be harsh to be effective.
I promise to do better every day.

Thank you for caging me. It is a privilege to be under your control. It is an honor that you take the time to make me do your bidding.

Please let me call again, and please do to me what brings you joy.

I am ever yours.


Even though it’s already been three months, I’m thinking that cage might be on for the next year.

Of course, after I have him remove it so that I can implement proper correction procedures.

<evil grin>


4 Responses to “Sneaky Boys Must Be Punished”

  1. Mr. Smith Says:

    I don’t know about him, but I promise I’ll be a very good boy.

    No correction needed here, Mistress.

  2. Joel311 Says:

    Miss Angela’s corrections are true learning experiences. The are much nicer than the .

  3. castaway Says:

    When I saw “proper correction procedures”, I thought that was going to be a hyperlink, haha.

    Ms. Angela clearly knows the first rule of showmanship – “always leave your audience wanting more”.

  4. science nerd Says:

    Of course, Angela’s correctional procedures are uniquely tailored for each of us. There is no such thing as uniform sentencing in the Mistress Court nor are we entitled to appeal any verdict.

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