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One guy with one thought …

… on one single afternoon.

And four emails.

4:07 PM Can you force me to eat my own jizz?

4:26 PM Can you make me jizz in my own mouth?

5:05 PM I will call and you can make me jizz all over my own face.

[doesn’t call]

5:35 PM Can you make me eat my own cum?

……. ……. …….

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out what he wanted.

6 Responses to “One guy with one thought …”

  1. castaway Says:

    I like how after three unsuccessful emails regarding the topic of “jizz”, he decides to pursue a brand new approach (“cum”).

  2. Puppet Prince Says:

    You gotta meet a mistress half-way, man. If you don’t call, you can’t even hear your instructions. Jimminy Cricket!

  3. throbbert Says:

    Hope he learned a lesson. Ms. St. Lawrence doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

  4. InferiorHubby Says:

    To the guy who sent the emails:
    If you’re reading this, the answer is “yes… yes, she can”. WILL she? Not for me to say, obviously. But trust me, Ms. Angela is certainly capable. Or so I’ve heard. 😉

  5. Mr. Smith Says:

    That poor guy. But it seems he got what he deserved: absolutely nothing.


  6. science nerd Says:

    You must invest (i.e. call) to beg effectively. I’m surprised she didn’t make you buy a Chihuahua bark collar, put it around your dick and cinch it as tight as it will go.

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