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#FeedbackFriday: Thank you, boys!

The sun never sets on the erotic empire of Angela. She has this uncanny way of illuminating every dark corner of your psyche and using every tidbit to drive you crazy. She has a high threshold of amusement, so do not let her down.

There’s only one Angela St. Lawrence on NF which is really a shame because she’s the best operator on here.

What an amazingly kinky sexy woman. She demands of me the unimaginable, and doing her bidding is erotic bliss.

Miss Angela never disappoints – she always knows what’s best – dollops of teasing, topped off by a signature mixture of caring sentiments and stings of humiliation.

Wow. Wow. Wow.          W. O. W.

Intelligent, Intuitive, Imaginative, Original, Energetic, Thoughtful, Edgy, Provocative, Subtle, Powerful, Sublime, Authentic – any one singularly, any combination, all of the above = Ms. Angela St. Lawrence

Mistress Angela continues to dazzle – she is eminently worthy of her superior reputation on NF and in the kink universe.

Can’t stop calling this incredible woman. (But then he DID! The dude stopped calling!)

Rudely said “I’m not gonna do the slut thing” and hung up on me. Really? What a joke. (And I meant it. *evil grin*)

—   —  —   —   —

I am so grateful to you guys who take the time to say something pretty just to make me look pretty.

Cheers. Hugs. Kisses.

6 Responses to “#FeedbackFriday: Thank you, boys!”

  1. Angela's Bitch Says:

    Your calls are amazingly erotic. These reviews show your kinky mind and erotic voice are without peer.

  2. castaway Says:

    Great feedback! We need to get this on a movie poster: “The critics are unanimous…”

  3. throbbert Says:

    Thanks for including me. I meant every single word. You’re a star! Everybody falls for you. But who wouldn’t fall hard for a twisted Angel with brains and beauty.

  4. Puppet Prince Says:

    The words of men can only describe the shadows of such a beautiful and kinky woman.

  5. joel311 Says:

    I don’t say it to make you look pretty. I say it because your kinky,erotic, evocative, fantasies squeeze every kind of response imaginable from me regardless of my will. Your virtuosa skills make me feel like a fine instrument

  6. science nerd Says:

    If Guantanamo enlisted Mistress as Goddess of Torture, men of all nationalities would be lined up to Miami (most holding their breath) for an opportunity to gleefully submit.

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