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(un)official announcement

Friday, July 8th, 2016


The wife beater is now to be called to the pussy boy brutalizer.

Slave Modification

Friday, March 25th, 2016

It started with a nipple ring which grew larger and larger as the fantasy progressed (that is to say, the ring didn’t grow, the way I imagined it did).

Next was having both nipples pierced and chained together.

Next was having a steel cock ring welded on. This upgraded later to one that had a dial that could be turned which would extend spikes inward.

Then came the facial tattoos. At first it was just “slave,” then it became more intense and expanded to include scars and brands disfiguring me, even covering my head which was shaved bald. When the hair began growing back my skull was acid-washed to destroy the cells, as well as to further mark me.

Next came my tongue, which started as pierced by then was split instead.

And then. My teeth. All pulled.

Naturally without pain killers. No more hard food. Grateful that my lips were left so that I could survive without a tube, though I’d primarily be fed via a device that filled my mouth and I sucked on like a bottle. A reverse gag created that was basically a bite plate with pins so that I couldn’t close my mouth and that if I tried to grit my teeth in pain I would experience so much more.

Then you told me: You will be a more valuable cocksucker.


Written by a devoted, twisted fuck. Who I happen to adore. And so enjoy torturing in our darkest of worlds.

xo, Angela

Do as you’re told, aberrant Romeo

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

In some respects I suspect you’ve got a respectable side.
When pushed and pulled and pressured, you seldom run and hide,
But it’s for someone else’s benefit, not for what you wanna do
Until I realize that you’ve realized I’m gonna say these words to you.

Yeah, you don’t know what love is,
You do as you’re told.
Just as a child of ten might act,
But you’re far too old.
You’re not hopeless, or helpless,
And I hate to sound cold,
But you don’t know what love is,
You just do as you’re told.

I can see your man can’t help but win any problems that may arise,
But in his mind, there can be no sin if you never criticize.
You just keep on, repeating all those empty “I love you”s.
Until you see you deserve better, I’m gonna lay right into you.

Yeah, you don’t know what love is,
You just do as you’re told.
Just as a child of ten might act,
But you’re far too old.
You’re not hopeless, or helpless,
And I hate to sound cold,
But you don’t know what love is,
No you don’t know what love is,
No you don’t know what love is,
You just do as you’re told.
Yeah, do as you’re told


Special thanks to Mr. S. who sent this to me. (After all, Mr. S., it is *our* story, isn’t it?)

The Long Distance Domme Review

Saturday, February 1st, 2014







… that didn’t quite make it:

A rabbi, priest, and imam were arguing about their favorite
phone sex Flirt. The only thing they could agree on was that
Angela St. Lawrence is the best Flirt around.

Not only in the naughtiest, fun sense of the word, but also in the most
uplifting and heavenly.

Thank you, Angela! You have brought
this planet one step closer to world peace!

From Mr. B who always lifts me up, even when I’m putting him down, down, down.  Apparently there were space and editing issues, but he still made a point of emailing an apology with this, his original intent.

Pay attention, because maybe then … you too can learn to be a stellar slave by observing Mr. B’s outstanding example.

🙂   🙂   🙂

xo, Angela

Mistress Music

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Just a few golden notes (from emails and conversations):

  • I’m in an impossibly dull and useless conference call–I had far more stimulation hooded, bound, and alone.  (after an “isolation” session)
  • It just makes me hotter to hear you giggle when I moan in discomfort. (denial & CBT … delicious)
  • The first time we spoke, it was love at first kink. (kink-a-dink-a-do, baby cakes)
  • Would you really make me masturbate in front of your girlfriends? (not ten of them … but perhaps a few)
  • You’re a Man Eater! (anybody have a toothpick?)
  • You’re the only woman I’d kneel for. (and he does it often)
  • Did you tell your girlfriends that you spoil me? Or that I am enthralled? (and he’s hasn’t cum in a month … oh my)
  • I am supposed to be working, but can only think about that leather outfit. (from my leather freak, of course)
  • Did I really eat my own cum for you? Disgusting! (but I bet he’ll be back for breakfast)
  • I am so nervous that I can’t call. (he did and now he’s mine)
  • You get wet when I wear panties for you.  Admit it.  (ahh … the eternally hopeful slut)
  • You aren’t just a sexy voice and sexy mind crafting sexy words, you are truly a wonderful person. (sweet boy)
  • Yes, I’ll use any pretense I can think of to reach out to you. (I own you *licking lips* yum)
  • I went to sleep with you on my mind, which is pretty much where you had been all day. (soon-to-be-knighted Romantic Savant)
  • I’m serious about meeting you. Name the place and time and I’ll be there (thanks, but no thanks)
  • I’m still trembling three hours later. (carry on, sweet pea)
  • How vile I am. (he makes my mouth water)
  • Cumming in a corner with my pants around me ankles? Damn, Girl! (don’t forget the lesbian action behind you)
  • That countdown was brutal. (❤❤❤)
  • I was fucking my girlfriend and all I could do was think about you and the things you made me do. (mission accomplished)

… and the beat goes on.  The beat goes on.

Tra la la.

xo, Angela