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Homo Poetica

Thursday, December 10th, 2015



Please, Master

by Allen Ginsberg

Please master can I touch your cheek
please master can I kneel at your feet
please master can I loosen your blue pants
please master can I gaze at your golden haired belly
please master can I gently take down your shorts
please master can I have your thighs bare to my eyes
please master can I take off your clothes below your chair
please master can I kiss your ankles and soul
please master can I touch lips to your muscle hairless thigh
please master can I lay my ear pressed to your stomach
please master can I wrap my arms around your white ass
please master can I lick your groin curled with soft blond fur
please master can I touch my tongue to your rosy asshole
please master may I pass my face to your balls,
please master, please look into my eyes,
please master order me down on the floor,
please master tell me to lick your thick shaft
please master put your rough hands on my bald hairy skull
please master press my mouth to your prick-heart
please master press my face into your belly, pull me slowly strong thumbed
till your dumb hardness fills my throat to the base
till I swallow and taste your delicate flesh-hot prick barrel veined Please
Master push my shoulders away and stare into my eye, & make me bend over the table
please master grab my thighs and lift my ass to your waist
please master your rough hand’s stroke on my neck your palm down my backside
please master push me up, my feet on chairs, till my hole feels the breath of your spit and your thumb stroke
please master make me say Please Master Fuck me now Please
Master grease my balls and hairmouth with sweet vaselines
please master stroke your shaft with white creams
please master touch your cock head to my wrinkled self-hole
please master push it in gently, your elbows enwrapped around my breast
your arms passing down to my belly, my penis you touch w/ your little fingers
please master shove it in me a little, a little, a little,
please master sink your droor thing down my behind
& please master make me wiggle my rear to eat up the prick trunk
till my asshalfs cuddle your thighs, my back bent over
till I’m alone sticking out your sword stuck throbbing in me
please master pull out and slowly roll into the bottom
please master lunge it again, and withdraw to the tip
please please master fuck me again with your self, please fuck me Please
Master drive it down till it hurts me the softness the
Softness please master make love to my ass, give body to center & fuck me for good like a girl,
tenderly clasp me please master I take me to thee,
& drive in my belly your selfsame sweet heat-rood
your fingered in solitude Denver or Brooklyn or fucked in a maiden in Paris carlots
please master drive me thy vehicle, body of love drops, sweat fuck
body of tenderness, Give me your dog fuck faster
please master make me go moan on the table
Go moan O please master do fuck me like that
in your rhythm thrill-plunge and pull-back bounce & push down
till I loosen my asshole a dog on the table yelping with terror delight to be loved
Please master call me a dog, an ass beast, a wet asshole
& fuck me more violent, my eyes hid with your palms round my skull
& plunge down in a brutal hard lash thru soft drip-fish
& throb thru five seconds to spurt out your semen heat
over & over, bamming it in while I cry out your name I do love you
please Master.


As Delicious/salacious in this moment as it was when it was written.

Don’t you agree?

(Did you see what I did there? Because Mr. Ginsberg was most definitely a bottom.)

And love marches on …

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

It’s a religious institution, by God!

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Thanks to

Addicting Info and Director Jerome Davis

Cuckolded for the First Time

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

I sat on the couch, my pulse racing as she walked into the room wearing her workout clothes; a pair of short grey shorts, a pink tank top with an orange sports bra underneath and a pair of pink trainers.

“You are sure about this?” She sat down next to me, placing her hand on my knee as rubbing my leg underneath my shorts. “I know we talked about it and all…but we can not do this?”

“He’s coming over though, right?” I ask, looking over at her. She looks concerned for me, but also a little excited. I can see the look in her eyes and notice how flush her complexion is.

“Yeah,” she pauses, smiling up at me and moving her hand up to my shoulder, rubbing it gently. “But I can always tell him that we changed our mind, you know.”

“I thought this is what you wanted,” I say, knowing that I was the one that brought it up initially, with it hanging in the air for quite a while, even causing arguments for a few weeks before the idea of her fucking someone else became an idea she was comfortable with. Not only comfortable with, but she seems genuinely excited about it now.

This had been a fantasy of mine for such a long time, and as much as I love Jill, want to be with her for the rest of my life and have a family with her, this has been in the back of my head for longer than I’ve known her, just like the idea of being forced to take another man had been a fantasy for so long. It just never worked out before. I had done the usual; called phone sex hotlines, watched the nastiest porn that I could get my hands on, let cam girls humiliate me and even put ads on Craigslist endlessly with everyone backing out at the last minute. Being forceded into submission is just something that I crave, and I explained to her that I’d rather do it with her than behind her back, which I also tried to do but could never go through with.

“I do want it,” she nods, smiling. “As long as you do, Neil.”

“I really do,” she notices that I’m shaking now, it feels like my heart might jump out of my chest as I hear a soft, steady knock on the wooden front door.

“That’s him,” she exclaims, trying to hold back her excitement and concern. She plants a kiss on my forehead and gets up, practically bounding to the door to let him him. She opens the door and she motions for him to come inside. “Hi Jon, come in.”

He kisses her on the cheek and steps into the living room, wearing a pair of Nike Air Jordans, a pair of black basketball shorts and a shirt with the sleeves cut off. His head is tightly shaven and his dark complexion feels like it’s shining, reflecting the sunlight.

“Hi,” he reaches over the round coffee table, offering his hand. I pull myself up and take his hand, doing my best to offer a firm handshake while hiding that I am trembling. He has a tight grip and I can feel how strong he is, it sends a chill up my spine.

“Hey man, how you doing?” I ask, attempting to remain calm, or at least make it seem like I am calm.

“Good, good,” he sits down in the chair next to the couch and looks over at Jill, his eyes studying her up and down as she plops back down next to me, knees resting on my leg but her torso turned towards him. He licks his lips and laughs. “A lot better now.”

“I hear that,” Jill laughs, looking at me as I force myself to laugh along. This is what I want, right? I find my mind racing, as I try to reconcile that we are going to go through with this.

“So this is cool with everyone?” He asks, his voice is deep, with me subconsciously making my voice deeper as I think and reply to him.

“Oh yeah, man,” I nod my head and raise my eyebrows.

“Well then,” he reaches over and caresses Jill’s leg, I can see the goosebumps immediately burst on her skin and can feel my heart sink a bit before it begins racing again. “I know that I’m ready.”

She unfolds her legs and lets him continue to caress her leg as his hand moves to the inside of her thigh. I can hear her breath getting heavier as she starts rubbing her hands on the inside of his thigh and gets down on her knees in front of him. He pulls her head in close and kisses her deeply on the lips, thrusting his tongue inside of her mouth as I shift a little bit on the couch, trying to stay relaxed. Jill is rubbing both of his thighs with her hands now as she leans back and runs her hands down his chest until she reaches his cock. Her hands glide effortlessly over the bulge in his pants and her eyes widen.

“Oooh,” she giggles. “Someone is already getting hard over here, and he’s big, too,” she exclaims. She continues to slide her hands over his cock through his shorts as he lets out a moan.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he leans back in the chair, rubbing his hands across her back.

“Baby,” she looks back at me with her fingers gripping onto the elastic band on his shorts. “Baby?” She asks again.

“Yeah?” I look over at her as she starts to tug on his shorts, but is stopping herself.

“You are sure about this?” She looks up at me with her big blue eyes and I can feel my whole body tremble.

“Yeah, babe,” I swallow hard.

She smiles and turns back to Jon, looking up into his eyes before sliding his shorts down a bit. He picks his hips up and helps her pull them down to his ankles, unveiling a huge, veiny cock that is just about rock hard and has to be already standing at over ten inches long. Her eyes widen again and she licks her lips.

“Oh my god,” she exclaims without shame, looking up at him as he wears a devious smirk. “That cock is huge, have you been hiding that thing the whole time you’ve been next door?” She takes it into her right hand and grips it tightly, her hands looking dwarfed by the size of it.

“You know it,” he laughs, groaning as Jill repositions herself in front of him and begins tugging on his throbbing cock with her hands. I can feel my heart skip a beat as she leans in and takes his cock in her mouth. Her tiny little mouth can barely fit it in. “Oh fuck!” he exclaims as she begins bobbing her head up and down on his cock, coming up for a breath, only to quickly take it right back into her mouth, this time pushing down and taking in as much as she can. He takes a handful of her hair and holds her head down until she begins to gag, letting go as she comes back up for air, gasping.

“Mmmm,” she says, jerking it back and forth in her hand before spitting on it. “So fucking good,” she says, looking back at me as he quickly takes his shirt off and tosses it onto the couch before wrapping his hands around the base of her shirt and quickly pulling it over her head, making sure to take the sports bra with it in one fell swoop. She tosses it behind her onto the coffee table as I snatch it up and pull it in close to me. Jill continues to jack his cock, working away at it with her hand as he kicks his shoes off, slipping his socks off in the process and kicking his shorts over into a pile with his shoes.

Jon reaches down and pulls her off of his cock only to stand up, leaving her on her knees, eye level with his huge, throbbing cock. She moans, audibly, as she takes it in her hand and begins stroking it again. He takes his cock into his hand and begins slapping her face with it before jamming it into her mouth, holding the back of her head with his hands and begins thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth.

“Yeah, you like that?” He grunts under his breath. “You fucking like that while your husband watches you get your face fucked, him just sitting there unable to fucking move, huh?”

“Mmmm, yes,” she lets it fall out of her mouth as she gasps for air again. “Oh fuck yes, I want you, please, take me,” she is begging him to fuck her now, on her knees as I can feel my cock growing rock hard watching my wife begging our hung neighbor to fuck her.

“That I can do,” he laughs as he grabs her beneath her armpits and helps her up to her feet, practically picking her up on his own in a feat of raw strength. She kicks her shoes off and slips her socks off then starts working her shorts down before he intervenes and pulls them down and then works her panties down, her stepping out of them and him throwing them into my face. “Here, hold onto these while I fuck your wife,” he snarls.

He turns her around so that she is facing me and bends her over, almost pushing her over onto the couch with her falling into my arms, but pushing back off as she rests her knee on the couch next to me and bends over, offering up her pretty pink pussy to him.

“Aw yeah,” he licks his thumb and reaches down, sliding it over her pussy before plunging it into her lips. “Well she is nice and wet for me, man,” he looks down at me. “She get this wet for you this quickly?”

“No,” she giggles as I feel my heart drop again.

“Oh c’mon, I mean…” I start.

“Oh shut up,” she says, still giggling, trying to catch her breath before turning her head back to him. “You going to show him how to fuck me?”

“What the woman wants,” he says, jacking his cock in his hand, putting his other hand on her hip as he positions his cock in front of her pussy. “The woman gets, I feel like I’m teaching you a lesson here.” He guides it into her as she braces herself against the couch, I can feel her hand grip tightly onto my arm and see her pushing her ass back to greet his monster cock.

“Oh my god!” She exclaims, almost taken aback at the feeling of his cock sliding into her. “Holy shit that feels fucking good!” Her grip on my arm tightens as my cock is throbbing inside of my pants, begging to come out, but I don’t dare move as I can feel her hand gripping tighter and tighter on my arm, I can feel the power of his first few thrusts into her.

He wraps his hands around her hips as he leans back and thrusts his cock into her. I look over and see that a good portion of his monster cock is engulfed in her wet pussy, it being incredibly deep inside of her. Jon closes his eyes for a second as he works away at my wife’s pussy, cocking his head back as he tightens his grip and pulls her closer to him, her moaning louder. He looks back down at her and takes his left hand up, bringing it down hard onto the soft flesh of her ass, making a loud slapping sound.

“Yes! Yes!” She exclaims, her nails now digging into me as he begins to violently thrust into her harder and harder, faster and faster. “This is how I’ve always wanted you to fuck me,” she says looking at me as she groans, having to f***e the words out in between grunts as his cock pushes deeper inside of her. “This is what I wanted!”

I turn to look away but I feel her hands reach out to my face and grasp on tightly to either side, turning my face towards hers.

“No, you have to watch,” she groans as he continues to fuck her. “Fuck that,” she says. “Get those clothes off and stop sitting there being useless.”

My cock is throbbing and my heart is racing as I watch him continue to fuck her. I began to unbuckle my shorts, then undoing the button and the fly, relieving some of the tension in my pants as my hard cock can be seen pushing almost through my briefs. I pull my shirt up over my head and toss it aside before standing up and pulling down my shorts and my briefs, feeling my cock flip out of them and feel the cool air on it.

“Pfft,” Jon lets out a laugh. “That’s all you got? No wonder I’m fucking your wife right now.”

I look down at my own cock and feel inadequate, something that I’ve never felt before in my life. Sure, I wasn’t huge, but I was definitely above average and had never had any complaints in the past before, especially from Jill. I brush it off, doing my best to ignore him as I put my hand on my cock and start stroking it, moving in front of Jill with my cock in front of her face.

“No,” she swats it away, reaching back and stroking Jon’s stomach, making him stop. “I’m not going to suck your cock, honey,” she laughs. “This is about me, remember?” She looks at me and straightens out, sweat glistening on her body. “Remember?” I silently nod as she takes Jon’s hand and places it on her breast. “Good, now I want you to lick my pussy while he fucks me, do you understand?”

I nod silently again as she giggles and turns to Jon, running her tongue from his neck down his chest down to his cock as she sits down on the couch, once again eye level with his cock and takes it back into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth before taking it out with a quick smack. Just enough to make it wet as she takes him by the hand again and stands up, facing him. She runs her fingers along his chest, outlining his pecs and pulls him forward, away from the coffee table before pushing him down onto the couch right where there was enough space in front.

He smirks as he sits back, jacking his cock in his hand before holding his hands up to help guide her as she leans back onto his stomach, resting her ass on it and pulls her feet up to rest on his knees. Her pussy is right in front of me, staring at me, with his big cock just resting against it. She reaches forward with her hand and rubs her clit before grabbing his cock in her hand, rubbing it back and forth over her pussy before pushing the head into her pussy and letting out a moan.

“Get over here,” she barks at me, as I move towards them. “On your knees, c’mon,” she laughs, moaning as he tightens his grip on her hips and begins moving his hips up and down, his cock moving in and out of her pussy like a piston. “Mmm, just like that,” she whisper back to him. “C’mon, on your knees, are you deaf?” I shake my head and get down on my knees, staring right at his big cock just inches away while it expands and shrinks before my eyes, disappearing into her tight pussy lips.


“Yes,” she smiles, reaching out and running her fingers through my hair before taking a bunch in her hand and pulling my head forward. “Now I want you to lick my pussy while you watch a real man fuck me.”

“Okay, but…” I look down at his cock, noting that it would be impossible to lick her pussy without having to lick his cock as well. “I mean…”

“Are you all of a sudden too shy to lick my pussy? You do it all of the time, honey,” she pulls my head in closer as I try to resist.

“No, but…”

“No buts, this is what you wanted, right?” She f***es my head up and down as if I were nodding by my hair. “See? This is what you wanted, so you knew it might get a little messy, now I want you to lick that pussy.”

I continue to resist, the thought of licking his cock dancing through my mind, the fantasies that played out in my mind before about sucking on another man’s cock quickly about to become a reality, but me realizing that it never happened before because I was never sure about it, and especially wasn’t sure about it now that I had one right in front of my face. Especially it being the cock of my neighbor as he was slamming it into the pussy of my wife. I look up the length of her body, over her stomach and her tight, bouncing tits to see her eyes closed and head tilted back as she moans. She looks beautiful, I think to myself, before her hand pulls on my hair again, my mouth coming into contact with her warm, wet pussy lips.

I keep my eyes closed as I reach my tongue out and lick her pussy. A little at first, then more, as I can feel the pressure from his cock moving underneath her skin. Her fingers are still gripping to my hair as she lets out a loud scream, my tongue flicking at her pussy while his cock slides in and out of her. My tongue keeps working until it slides down a little bit, licking a bit of his cock as well. I can feel the texture difference as her pussy is warm and soft, while his cock is rough and has a large vein right in front of me. My tongue slides up and down in a smooth motion, tasting her juices on both of them.

“Mmm, yeah baby,” Jill moans, rubbing the back of my head, holding it closer before pulling it back, forcing me to look into her eyes. “You like that? You like being up close while he fucks me?”

“Yes,” I moan out, still feeling her firm grasp on the back of my head.

“I know you do,” she says through her teeth, still bouncing up and down on his big cock. “Lick his balls,” she orders, as I continue to look up at her and slowly shake my head from side to side.

“C’mon you fag,” Jon says from behind her. “You know that you want to.”

“Do it,” she orders again, this time clenching her teeth. “Put his fucking balls into your mouth, or do you not want to ever cum again?”

“I do,” I swallow hard and can feel her grip on my hair loosen, her fingers repositioning themselves on my chin.

“Then do it,” she shouts, laughing along with Jon as he moans out.

I’m trembling again as I lower my face down, just a breath away from his cock and her pussy as I reach my tongue out slowly and lick at her pussy, then move my tongue down slowly. It isn’t to be enticing, but it is out of fear that I slowly lick down the length of his shaft, tracing a vein along the way until I feel the loose skin around his balls against my tongue. I trace my tongue around the outside before reaching the bottom, opening my mouth wider and affixing my lips to the left ball, sucking on it as I can feel his cock pulsating inside of Jill’s body. I suck on it as I move my tongue around it, moving it up and down as he moans out.

This continues on for what feels like forever before I feel Jill’s hand grasp onto my hair again, pulling me back out. Then she pushes back onto his lap, letting his cock slide out of her. I’m on my knees in front of them, staring down his huge cock, glistening with her juices while she looks down at me, taking her left foot off of his knee and pushing me on my shoulder, kicking me back. As I catch myself, she looks down at me and laughs again.

“This must be driving you crazy, baby,” she says, with a wild smirk on her face. “Look at how hard your cock is.”

I blush as I look down, not wanting to make eye contact with her, but I feel her hand reach out and grab a hold of my chin again, her fingernails digging into my cheeks. She leans down and gets right into my face, planting a kiss on my lips before pulling back and laughing again.

“He’s been fucking my pussy so well,” she says, licking her lips. “That I think it needs a break. You know how sensitive it is,” she stands up, rubbing her pussy with her fingers before getting down on her knees next to me. “I think you need to help me out.”

“What?” I ask, not understanding what she is asking me to do. “What do you want me to do now, I’ve already…”

“Shhh,” she places her finger on my lips. “He’s done such a good job fucking me, he deserves to cum, doesn’t he? Doesn’t he?” I nod in agreement with her as he laughs, his cock in his hand stroking up and down on it, right in front of me. “So you should suck on his cock while I relax.”

My heart skips a beat again, then begins to race, my hands trembling at the thought. Jon laughs and inches forward on the couch, picking himself up and standing in front of me, leaving me eye level with his huge cock, just a few hairs away from my lips, dangling there. I begin to move my hand up towards it, but it is shaking and I quickly drop it back down, turning to her and shaking my head.

“I can’t, I mean…”

“Yes, you can,” she says. “You wanted this, and now you are going to do what I want, and I want your lips on his cock.”

“No, I mean,” I turn back to it. “I don’t think that…” Just then I feel her hand on the back of my head, pushing me, the head of his cock touching my lips and then, in an instant, his hard cock is inside of my mouth. I mumble, trying to talk but her hand is firmly on the back of my head, not letting me pull away. I feel like I’m going to explode before I relax a little and realize how long I had been waiting for this. I can feel his slick shaft on my lips and feel it sliding over my tongue. I open up my mouth wider to make up for his girth and to keep my teeth away while trying to clasp my lips tighter together.

I bring my hand up and clasp my fingers around his balls, moving my head back and forth, guided by Jill’s hand before I bring my hand up and take a hold of his huge cock, now starting to try to get it deeper into my mouth. He puts his hand on the back of my head and starts thrusting with his hips, fucking my face.

“God you are pathetic,” she groans, pulling my head back by the hair again, his cock slipping out from my grasp. “You can’t even suck cock for me right, can he?” She turns to Jon who laughs.

“Nah,” he shakes his head. “That was some pretty sad shit, I gotta say.”

“So, once again,” she takes his cock into her hand and starts jacking it, back and forth. “Once again, I have to do everything for myself.”

“Show him how its done, bitch,” he smiles and nods as her lips wrap around his hard cock again, her hand tightly gripping on it at the base and her head bobbing back and forth. His hands are on his hips and he’s beginning to squirm a little, moaning. “Oh fuck yeah,” he lets out. “Keep going and you are going to make me cum.”

“Mmm yes,” Jill moans, jacking his cock back and forth with both hands quickly. “I want you to cum all over me while my husband watches,” she looks over at me and laughs. “You want to see me take his big load, huh?”

“Well,” I start, stroking my cock as I watch my wife working so hard to get him off, seeing a side of her that I had never even imagined before. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Pathetic!” She giggles before turning back to Jon and his huge cock, taking it back into her mouth while still working it with both of her hands, moving her head from side to side while her hands move in the other direction. “Yeah,” she pulls it out of her mouth and begins jacking his cock faster and faster, pointed right at her mouth. “C’mon baby, cum all over me.”

“Ohhhhh yeah,” he moans, now gripping onto the sides of her head and cocking his head back. “Oh fuck, yes, yes,” he shouts. “Keep going, almost there…”

“Oh fuck!” In an instant his cock is convulsing in her hands and a huge stream of hot, white cum streams out from his swollen black cock and is coating her face. Her tongue is out, catching some of it, but not all of it as it was like a floodgate was unlocked all over her. “Mmmm,” she says, taking a finger to her cheek and rubbing some of the cum onto her tongue. “So fucking good,” she looks up into his eyes and slowly gives his cock a few more tugs.

“Now this bitch,” he laughs, slapping his cock across her face again before stroking her hair, her still on her knees. “She knows how to take care of a cock.” She laughs deviously before turning back to me.

“Don’t think that I forgot about you,” she smirks. “You did everything I asked you to, so you can cum, too,” she leans over, planting a big, wet kiss on my lips. I can taste his salty cum on her lips and feel it on her chest pushing up against me. “But first… you have to clean off his cock.”

“What?” I shake my head, “but I did everything you wanted me to.”

“Just clean it off, bitch,” she giggles, taking his cock in her hand and guiding it towards my mouth again. I can feel his still swollen cock inside of my mouth. “You can do better than that!”

I pull it out with my hand and stick my tongue out, running it over the head of his cock, tasting his cum on it, still a little bit dripping out onto my tongue. I work my tongue down his shaft a few times before he lets out a laugh and takes his cock out of my hands and slaps me across the face a few times with his monstrous snake of a cock. My face turns red and I feel humiliated.

“Good boy,” she laughs, putting her hands on my shoulders and pushing me back onto the floor. “Just lay back now and let me get you off.” I lay back and close my eyes as I feel her tight grip around my cock, her moving slowly, then quickly speeding up. I can feel my balls begin to twitch a bit and my cock growing harder and harder. I can already feel the cum working its way up the shaft of my cock, but do my best to hold it in, especially after he lasted so long.

“Jon, come here and help me,” she says over her shoulder as my eyes shoot open.

“Wait what?” I say, trying to sit up, only to feel her hand on my shoulder pushing me back down.

“Oh relax, I told you that you were going to cum, didn’t I?”

“Yes, but, what do you need him for?”

“Just to hold your legs while you cum,” she laughs as he comes over and takes a hold of my ankles. “Good, now lift him him,” I feel his hands tighten around my ankles and pulling them up, my legs almost going straight up while I’m still laying back, staring down the barrel of my cock. From this angle I can notice how much smaller it is than his was and feel a bit ashamed. “Great, now hold him there.”

“What are you doing?” I ask, confused as she continues to work away on my cock. I have to admit it feels great and I could care less what she is doing.

“Well, you failed at helping me take his load,” she shakes her head, still jacking away at my cock. “That doesn’t mean that you get out of taking a load on your face.”

She lets out a laugh as I watch her hand glide back and forth over my cock. I can feel Jon’s strong hands on my ankles holding my legs up and can even feel his cock graze over my ass a bit. My muscles clench up as I get closer and closer to orgasming. Jill looks into my eyes and smiles a nice warm smile while she is jacking away at my cock, like she had planned this all along. I let out a loud moan as I feel my balls contract and the cum explode out of my cock, shooting down my chest and my face. I had flinched, but not in time as there is a thick stream of cum on my face, from my chin up to my eyebrows and Jill scoops her finger in, pulling a bunch into my mouth.

“There,” she laughs. “I told you that you’d get to cum today, hun.”

He lets my legs go and I slump over on the floor, covered in my own cum as Jill wipes her hands on me and picks herself up, her body gleaming in sweat. She walks over to Jon as he pulls his shorts and shirt back on and grabs at his bulge one last time before giving him a kiss. He pulls her in close and takes a big handful of her ass. She looks back over at me and shakes her head before looking back to him, still in his arms.

“This was fun,” she said, blushing a bit. “Do it again soon?”

“Yeah,” he nods. “I’m definitely down with that.”

“Maybe bring some friends along with you next time?” She looks up at him, as I lay on the floor still, looking over at her, not sure where this is coming from.

“Oh, I have some friends who would be down for this shit, believe me,” he opens the door, with his shoes in hand and heads out, with Jill closing the door behind him and locking it before letting out a sigh.

“Where did that come from?” I ask, sitting on the floor with my back up against the couch now.

“What?” She asks, picking up her shirt off of the table and pulling it over her head before fishing around for her shorts to pull them back on.

“Everything,” I say, shaking my head. “I’m sitting here in a puddle of my own cum and, and,” my heart begins to race. “You made me suck another man’s cock! Then you asked to do it again without talking about it with me, and you asked him to bring friends, I just, I thought we’d talk about this before doing it again and…”

“I enjoyed myself,” she says, short on, sitting back onto the chair and kicking her bare feet onto the table. “This is what you wanted, this is what we had talked about, what you had asked for,” she shrugs. “Plus, I know you wouldn’t do this on your own.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask, trying to act clueless and like the victim. “I don’t know what…”

“After you brought this up,” she interrupts. “I thought it was strange and came from nowhere, then I looked at your credit card bills,” I can feel my heart begin to pound in my chest, and a sinking feeling in my stomach.

“Oh?” I say, turning red.

“Phone sex, cam sex, the works,” she exclaims. “So, I did some digging and I talked with one of your, erm, phone mistresses that you talk to. She told me some stuff that wow, it made me feel awful for a little bit, but she told me that you would never act on it, that you loved me that much.”

“I do, I never would, I mean…”

“It’s okay,” she laughs. “I’m still here, aren’t I? I have fantasies of my own, obviously. She told me you fantasized about sucking cocks, about watching me fuck other men and for me to f***e you to do all of these nasty, dirty things. This was going to be revenge, but — I liked it! A lot. So,” she walks over, petting my head. “It looks like you have a new mistress now, hun.”

“But I’m not sure that I want this,” I say, looking up at her. “Please, let’s talk about this some more, I’m not sure I like other men…”

“Don’t you want to keep me happy?”

“Yes, of course, but…”

“Don’t you want to keep me happy?” She grabs a hold of my face by my jaw, looking deep into my eyes.

“Yes,” I mutter.

“Then I guess you don’t have a choice, then, do you?” She walks off towards the bathroom and shuts the door behind her, while the room spins around me.


This was written by a very good friend, who shall remain anonymous for discretion’s sake.  Personally, I think it’s the best cuckold story I’ve ever read.  And I’ve read a bunch, so that is saying something.

I wonder when our jubilant little cuckoldress says…

“So, I did some digging and I talked with one of your, erm, phone mistresses that you talk to. She told me some stuff that wow, it made me feel awful for a little bit, but she told me that you would never act on it, that you loved me that much.”

… she was referring to me?

I certainly hope so.

xo, Angela

ps. I decided against putting a picture with this post, because, well … REALLY?  Do you really need a picture?  When our author created one in full 3D, HD color?

Dolphins in Prison

Monday, June 6th, 2011

I think you can figure it out.