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#FeedbackFriday: Mean Girls

Friday, March 10th, 2017

So have you gotten up the nerve to call Goddesses Erika and Vickie (aka Mean Girls)? Why not? Little beta sissy-men need someone to boss them around and them in their place. And little beta sissy-men just love Erika and Vickie. You know you’re dying to have them gang up on you and tear you a new one.

So get your ass over to their NiteFlirt page and then …

Do it. Do it now. Call them, you little slut:

1-800-863-5478 ext: 10771493

In the meantime, here’s a few of their many FIVE STAR REVIEWS … to get your little weenie excited:


Always love talking to these two. They give me just what I’m looking for, and have fun doing it. They’re clever, sweet, and vicious. What more could a fella want?

No need to call anyone else on NF. Great voices, fun, wicked laughs and imagination. They let u decide how raunchy (or safe you want the call to be). They are addictive, though…

Like a tsunami of humiliation that just keeps coming. The two best humiliatrixes on NF hands down. If you want to hear two hot girls laugh their asses off at you, call now!

The MEAN GIRLS ROCK ! The Beautiful Sexy Goddess Erika & The Beautiful Sexy Goddess Vicki have brought it to an art!

Another rather scintillating talk with two extraordinary women – a pleasure.

Oh how my head spins when they gang up on me. I was turned into such a little sissy. They especially took joy in giving me a head full of curls with pretty bows. Their laughter still echoes in my mind.

It’s an incredible skill they have to extract and exploit what they want from you.

Sexy. Clever. And FUN! Yes, they’re mean. Of course they’re mean. That’s why you’re here. But I had a great time talking to these ladies. Just fantastic.


Walking in a Twitter Wonderland

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

twitter xmas

One of the places I usually show up at — even when I’m invisible elsewhere — is Twitter, where I’ve met some incredible people, had some fun, received advice/help/support/knowledge … and so much more.  So this particular entry is kinda-sorta a HAPPY HOLIDAYS Shout Out to my TWITTER Friends, Crushes, Heroes, Lovers, Slaves, Partners in Crime and Followers.  And I’m not telling who is who. So, as usual, don’t ask.

I don’t follow many famous people because, well, they kinda-sorta bore me.  After all, I’m the girl who refuses to read Cosmo.  But there are a few:

Stephen King showed up at Twitter recently.  I was absolutely thrilled, since he truly is my Author Hero.  Someday I’ll tell you the story of how I changed my English Prof’s (literary snob!) mind when I wrote a paper and delivered a speech about Mr. King.  In which I compared him to Dickens, Donne, Shakespeare and a few others.  Oh yes I did!

The Dalai Lama is my Yoda.

Pope Francis is rocking the papal office and the church.  Oh, and he goes by Pontifex. Can I get an amen?

Then there are the guys who — for a variety of reasons — light up my days:

The Ghost of M. is my Poetry Man

Dirk Hooper takes delicious Fetish Pics and is just awesome.

Andy B is my Twitter sweetie pie.

Cowboy Geek is just the perfect man. *swoon*

Shon Richards is just precious (and he writes … well).

Travis LeBlanc‘s acuminous, wry tweets are making him famous.  Really.

Irv O. Neil is the super hero writer of FemDomme erotica.

Daylon Studdard has been my Twitter friend since day one.

Debased Scunt is always fun to kick around, then kiss his boo-boos & scrapes away.

Drew King will be a famous writer some day; just you wait and see.

Puppet Prince Mine. Plain and simple.

icpchad just confuses the hell out of Santa … because he’s both naughty and nice. (and cute)

And then the superabundance of beautiful, brilliant, inspiring women:

Mistress Magick is the woman I love most in the whole world! Check her, Boo.

Phone Sex Whore is the geek-a-licious super-hot & curvy new girl at NiteFlirt.

Remittance Girl makes me drool … she writes so exquisitely.

Goddess Bella Donna is in a class of her own. A Goddess’s Goddess.

Mandy Stadtmiller is pretty damn famous. Here’s (just) one reason why.

Heartless Femm does Domme like absolutely nobody else. Treat yourself.

Princess Mandy is smart, super-hot and, damn … she’s got legs!!!

Dark Gracy makes me want to go lesbian and molest her. Brains & Beauty.

Lady Cheeky loves the sexy. Oh yes she does. And I love her.

Love Goddess always reaches deep into my heart.  She truly is a very special woman.

Doctor Sue is a combination of grace, wisdom and kink. We can all learn from her.

Goddess Natasha is a gorgeous Mistress and a delightful friend.  Unless you’re a slave



Of course there are many more of you and I’d be here for days if I didn’t limit this at some point.  I just want each and everyone of my Twitter Peeps to know that I do pay attention to what you are saying and am ever so honored to be amongst you.

A Merry Holiday to all.

xo, Angela



Why I Love Sweat Shop Sissy

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Well, there are a lot of reasons.  But what got me started was when I read the following list the first time I found Sweat Shop Sissy’s blog.  He’s just so "normal," ya know?  Of course, I’ve known that about cross-dressers and sissy boys forever-and-a-day.  But not everybody gets it.  It’s the MY FETISH IS OKAY AND YOURS ISN’T syndrome, which just drives me absolutely-tutely nutso.

Mr. Sissy Man composed these "99 things" about himself in response to a writing assignment, which you can read about right here.  I just cherish every single item on this list, probably because it so honestly and frankly illustrates that SSS is Everyman, and that everyman is SSS … just in different undies. 

So, without further ado, let’s have at it.  And maybe you’ll have your mind opened a bit.  What the heck, try opening your heart, while you’re at it.

  1. I was born in 1963.
  2. I am a proud Canadian.
  3. When I was 15, I watched an uncle die of cancer on Christmas morning.
  4. I’m not a big fan of Christmas.
  5. I’m a fanatic non-smoker.
  6. I was a heavy pot smoker for 10 years. (somehow that was ok)
  7. I loved hallucinogens. (past tense)
  8. In high school I was voted ‘most likely to die choking on his own vomit’.
  9. I thought I’d be dead by 30. (so did lots of other people)
  10. I still drink (micro brews), but rarely to access. (rye & ginger)
  11. I was 17 the first time I asked for a vasectomy. (The doctor refused)
  12. I got fixed right after my son (now 10yrs old) was born.
  13. My 10-year relationship with his mother ended soon after that.
  14. I LOVE being a Dad.
  15. I wish he lived with me full time.
  16. I have been a ‘scratch’ baker since 1981.
  17. I worry that my body won’t hold up to the demands of another 20yrs of baking.
  18. I’ve been at the same shop since 1988.
  19. I make awesome bread. (More then 60 varieties)
  20. I work straight graveyard shifts.
  21. I got married for the first (and only) time in June 2004.
  22. We met in person 11/11/01.
  23. Her 17 yr old son lives with us.
  24. She proposed to me on her knee in a restaurant with my Dad’s wedding ring.
  25. My Dad died in 1994. So did my granny.
  26. I wish my Wife and Son had met my Granny and my Dad.
  27. The best people I have ever known are my Wife, Son and Granny. (Sorry Dad)
  28. All I know about love I’ve learned from them.
  29. I lost my virginity on a Mexican beach when I was 16.
  30. The only alter I kneel before is between my wife’s creamy white thighs.
  31. I have always been a very sexual person.
  32. I kept many of my desires secret until I met my wife.
  33. I told her before we got married that I am a cross-dresser.
  34. Her only request has been that the facial hair and body hair stays ON.
  35. We’re still having the best sex of my life.
  36. If schedules allowed we’d have sex twice a day. We average 5 or 6 times/week.
  37. We watch porn together.
  38. We go to see strippers together. (We’ve had private lap dances)
  39. I’m a sissy. Though what exactly that means is something we are still exploring.
  40. Every night I brush and braid her hair and also file and massage her feet. I keep her nails looking pretty and her pussy nicely trimmed. (just for starters.)
  41. In role-playing I’m usually submissive.
  42. She occasionally fucks me with a strap-on.
  43. I can wear the same harness to fuck her with 2 cocks.
  44. We’ve also used the harness to hold a butt plug in me for extended periods of time. I think the longest has been about 4 hours (we went to a hockey game)
  45. I wear women’s undies every day. We often wear each others.
  46. Except for 2 pair of silk boxers, she tossed out all my man undies.
  47. I have some clothes that could pass for male or female and I’ve gone out in these. The dresses and skirts are for at home only.
  48. I know it looks ridiculous.
  49. My toe nails are almost always painted.
  50. I have silicone breast forms and would love to have a nice wig.
  51. With kids still at home, my opportunities to get dressed are limited, but I doubt they’d be too surprised to find out. I’m guessing they’d prefer not to see dad dressed as a woman.
  52. We’ve fantasized about including other partners, but so far have never done it.
  53. She shaves my head bald every week.
  54. She’s given me golden showers.
  55. I go down on her during her period.
  56. I’ve come in her mouth, cunt and ass all in the same amazing day.
  57. We met on-line and still occasionally have phone and cyber sex.
  58. I introduced myself by emailing her some of my erotic stories.
  59. She thought I was weird. (Do you?)
  60. I like to write lots of things, but especially smut. 
  61. I’ve had several pieces published, both in print and on-line.
  62. Every time you masturbate, god kills a kitten. (Or a puppy)
  63. I’ve struggled with depression most of my life.
  64. The past 5yrs have been the happiest of my life. (That’s an amazing statement considering my legal woes of the past 2 years.)
  65. I have chronic lower back troubles.
  66. I like giving massages more then I like getting them.
  67. I drive a 2002 Mini Cooper. (Black w/ white roof)
  68. I don’t handle stress very well. (Especially financial)
  69. I’m a procrastinator.
  70. I read lots of fiction.
  71. I mostly watch cartoons on TV. (And porn)
  72. I also watch the NHL and the CFL.
  73. I can be a difficult person to get to know.
  74. Tact and subtlety are difficult concepts for me to grasp.
  75. I offend many people. Usually without trying. (very hard)
  76. I had my first real job when I was 10. (I’ve never been unemployed)
  77. I don’t understand having pets.
  78. I owned my first business when I was 21.
  79. I filed for personal bankruptcy when I was 24.
  80. A second business I owned also ended badly.
  81. Neither was a bakery.
  82. I would love to earn a living writing fiction.
  83. I know that that is highly unlikely.
  84. I’m a very good backgammon player.
  85. I’m a reasonably good cribbage player.
  86. I don’t like winter or being cold.
  87. I have a letter from Mr. Dressup. (a Canadian version of Mr. Rogers)
  88. When I was 16, I got a speeding ticket on my bicycle.
  89. I don’t eat anything deep-fried.
  90. I don’t consider ‘fast food’ to be real food.
  91. I’m a pretty good cook. My wife is a very good cook. My dad & granny were both professional cooks.
  92. Coke not Pepsi. I’ll eat any fresh produce except carrots. I don’t like lemonade.
  93. I listen to mostly blues and jazz.
  94. I love being by the ocean.
  95. My wife says I’m sexy. (She’s a goddess)
  96. I’ve broken teeth and toes. (my own)
  97. I have a crooked smile. (botched orthodontics)
  98. Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.
  99.  Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity; it just doesn’t work.

Book Slut

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Suburban Diva by Tracey Henry As many of you already know or should have figured out, I like books.  I like them so much, I would forsake fucking all men (and women) if I could just figure out how to have satisfactory sex with books.  Which would make me a very promiscuous little slut, dontcha know?  Because I never ever can get enough books. 

So I got an email from Ephemera Bound (see below) announcing a simply incredible sale, which means I’m in big trouble.  Because after books, then shoes … well, it’s sales, of course!  I mean I am a red-blooded all-American girl after all.  Basically, it’s a two for one, which in my book equals superior bargain — I know a good sale when I see one.  As you will see below, you can buy ANY BOOK, and will receive a FREE copy of Suburban Diva.  Which, by the way, is a five star book at Amazon with a retail value of $13.99.  Like I said, I know a good sale when I see one.  Not to mention that this is a book I’ve been dying to read since it was first published.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  It seems I am in a heap of trouble …

So here’s the deal:

Buy any Ephemera Bound title, get a free copy of Suburban Diva: From The Real Side Of The Picket Fence, by Tracey Henry.

Purchase any title from Ephemera Bound & get a copy of Suburban Diva: From The Real Side Of The Picket Fence for your mom. Purchase two books, get two copies — one for your mother-in-law, favorite aunt, your sister or grandma.

One free copy of Suburban Diva’s book for each book purchased now through April 18, 2008; while supplies last.

Books must be purchased from Ephemera-Bound.com. Suburban Diva: From The Real Side Of The Picket Fence may be shipped separately.

Yes, I am a Book Slut.  And proud of it, so no snide remarks from Booklover or HDB or PQS or the rest of you!  I am on my way to shop now and am absolutely sure I will be dropping some cash, as I’ve been drooling over more than a few of their books for quite a while now.  I am also thinking about my female friends who would really enjoy this book, which gives me an excuse to buy all the other books I’ve been wanting and to gather the free books as presents for my gal pals. 

This book would make a great gift for a wife or mother or sister for Mother’s Day or just because.  Read the reviews, then get over there NOW!  Because, as you can see we don’t have much time.  The sale ends on April 18th!

I Get By…

Friday, August 17th, 2007

…with a little help from my friends. And they are simply marvelous.

Lawyer Guy: Well, he’s a caller, a buddy, a lawyer (of course)…and he sent me this very funny joke:

One afternoon a lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass. Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate.

He asked one man, “Why are you eating grass?”

“We don’t have any money for food,” the poor man replied. “We have to eat grass.”

“Well, then, you can come with me to my house and I’ll feed you,” the lawyer said.

“But sir, I have a wife and two children with me. They are over there, under that tree.”

“Bring them along,” the lawyer replied. Turning to the other poor man he stated, “You come with us, also.”

The second man, in a pitiful voice then said, “But sir, I also have a wife and SIX children with me!”

“Bring them all, as well, ” the lawyer answered.

They all entered the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limousine was. Once underway, one of the poor fellows turned to the lawyer and said, “Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you.”

The lawyer replied, “Glad to do it. You’ll really love my place. The grass is almost a foot high.”

Gracie Passette & Entourage: Yeah, I had a birthday (8/15). And no wish list! Doesn’t every red-blooded PSO have a wish list? Not this one. I let this quietly slip by because I really didn’t want a big fuss, but Gracie begged, so I let her quietly announce it…thanks, Kittens! I actually spent the day at the hospital with my mother … she needed me more than my birthday cake did. And I received some very nice unexpected gifts and tips … thanks guys (you know who you are!)

Jeremy Edwards: You must remember Jeremy, AKA Jerotic? The fab writer who is oh so very naughty in all the right ways? I’ve written about him and featured his stories on more than one occasion….because, well, I like him a lot. He is a kind and generous friend to Zen Fetish, and I simply love having him stop by: To tell us the latest news, or share a randy little story, or even just for tea and crumpets. Not that I know what a crumpet is. But for Jeremy I would certainly comb the town and search every bakery until I found a crumpet or two or three.

As I’ve previously noted, Jeremy certainly gets around. And we all know the man has magic in each and every one of his dirty little fingertips. Oh, how I love those fingertips! It seems that Jeremy is making new friends over at a divinely inspired blog, Lust Bites (more about this later), where in a piece titled, Spouse-Sharing, Knicker-wetting, Flying Fucks, and Other Scenes of Amorous Tenderness, he asks and answers with elegant locution what turns out to be a not-so-rhetorical question of himself: Am I a “romantic?” Which, in turn, answers the question for all of us, Can kink and romance inhabit the same bed?

What do you think? Is he? Can they? If you’ve followed his work (and I have), you already know the answer. But it sure is fun having Jeremy spell it out with that same whimsical, sexy sweetness that permeates and percolates his erotic fiction. Hubba Hubba!

Sweat Shop Sissy: SSS is another Zen Fetish buddy, whose sweeter than sweet blog actually proves Jeremy’s contention that Kink and Romance can most definitely inhabit the same bed…and even thrive. Because Mr. Sissy Man is living it: An everyday working Joe who loves his wife and family deeply and just happen to wear panties…and it turns the Missus on! Ever so kind, he recently sent me this very funny link (be my guest, do click!) which proves that even men in lingerie LOVE BLOW JOBS!

Libby the Libertine: Speaking of Blow Jobs, Libby (of SexPros), who is a fellow columnist (I’m officially on hiatus, but not for long) at Sex Kitten, recently sucked the most famous cock in the world and possibly of all times? Surely I don’t need to tell you who this cock belonged to? Well…none other than Ron Jeremy, himself! Want all the juicy, naughty details? READ ALL ABOUT IT! I really love what Gracie had to say about this particular (mighty giddy…can you blame her?) confessional: Gawd, I luv you, Libby. Who else is gonna call me at 2 a.m. and say, “Guess whose dick I had in my mouth?” ROFL

Mistress V: Just a quick note here (I tend to go on when it comes to this lady. Aren’t you proud of the restraint I’m showing today?) Have you seen her Fetish Heat Video in which she publicly humiliates a sissy? Well, then, go there now. She is so damn hot! No “pretender to the throne,” this Fetish Mistress.

Lust Bites: I’m smitten. Accordingly, I’ve added this awesome blog to my links under Ethical Smut. A lot is happening over at Lust Bites (The blog on everyone’s lips.) It’s an upbeat hub of activity with a a gaggle (that’s a horde with attitude) of excellent regular writers discussing and opining on all things smut-O-licious…and tossing in a healthy dose of Brain Porn (that means you have to read with one hand and, well…do whatever with the other) for good measure. Plus Guest Bloggers! What a deal! And every inch of it is smart writing. Oh, and did I mention all the Freebies and Give-Aways?

Like I said…I get by with a little help from my friends.xo, Angela