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Savant Collection

Pervert Savant: Knighted 02/27/06 This is the Savant who started the whole darn thing. But he was so hard to resist. Notwithstanding his exquisitely miscreant fantasies, Pervert Savant quick became a favorite caller of mine. And then he kinda-sorta began sending me absolutely charming emails. Meaning that they originate from his email client, yet are signed by an ever-changing parade of characters.

When he wants to set up a call: Hokay, yoo get all prettyed up for Miklos! I’ll haf dat RedyWip an doz maraschino cherries yoo like all reddy! Hoo boy! Miklos Kovacs (Hungarian-American dessert-lover)

He also sends me poetry of all shapes, sorts, sizes, and flavors. And links like this.

In other circles, his masterfully written missives are legendary. I know this to be so, because he has given me generous peeks into said circles. I feel very lucky to be his Phone Domme of choice. And once we have the filth out of way (wherein I use my womanly wiles to hypnotize him into doing very dirty, nasty deeds), I must admit to admiring, cherishing and maybe even being a tad smitten with Pervert Q. Savant.

Deviant Savant: Knighted 09/20/06 Elsewhere known as SuperVert, this guy has become so special to me that my spell checker now recognizes s-u-p-e-r-v-e-r-t as part of the English language. And why shouldn’t it? Since he happens to be the most awesome-est of compatriots in the land of Virtual Smutopia. He has extended many kindnesses to me since I first wrote to him when starting this blog, not the least of which was linking back to me when I had really nothing much to give him in return.

This Savant gets around; but don’t take that the wrong way. First of all he writes brilliantly and you can and should be buying both of his books (Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish and Necrophilia Variations). You have it on the highest authority (moi) that these books will rock your socks off. And I should know, because I own both books (autographed, don’t ya know?).

Secondly, he creates phenomenal websites to which both the circumspect and the villainous flock. For the latter, this would be PervScan.com and PervScan.tv. For the scholarly (which, more often than not, includes the latter) there is Reality Studio (everything you wanted to know about William S. Burroughs but were afraid to ask) and Fleurs du Mal (the absolute authority on all things Charles Baudelaire, particularly his masterwork, Flowers of Evil).

Submissive Savant: Knighted 10/04/06 You might already know of Richard from his magnum opus, Down On My Knees, which is considered by many to be the premiere submissive website/blog on the Internet today. I unmitigatedly concur. Dahlings, let me tell you that this Savant is simply scrumptious. (He owns/operates a second-hand bookstore. How fucking awesome is that?)

Richard is another "web person of note" who has reached out to me time and again. He is principled, honest, sincere, and all things sterling. Despite his submissive posture, this Savant is very much my superior when it comes to Internet savvy. As a fledging in the world of cybersmut, I seek his counsel often. He is always generous with his time, support and knowledge. I am deeply and forever grateful.

Richard is a claviger of sorts, maintaining various websites (no easy task, particularly when done with such fervent and conscientious TLC) which serve as doorways to "all things kink."

So if you’re wondering where the "good kink" is, you just might want to begin with his directory site, PolyFetishist, an eclectic collection of links which "embrace any and all forms of erotic self-realization." BDSM Weblogs collects personal commentary and observations on BDSM from around the web, while BDSM Watch presents D/s and S&M news from the mass media. If you prefer the lighter side of sex, check out Amorous Propensities and Sex is Funny. Romantic Kinksters would be well-served to visit FemDom Romance and FemDom Dating (which is downright pretty to look at).

And if you leave a comment here and there along the way? Telling him Lady Literatrix sent you.

Vanilla Savant: Knighted 12/11/06 Officially knighted with what turned out to be a rather popular interview (23 comments and a record day for new visitors) Mr. Vanilla had been a "behind the scenes" Savant for quite sometime–with readers even getting a sneak preview the previous month. 

Mr. Vanilla could teach a class on Phone Sex Etiquette. He is –among many other desirous things– gallant, thoughtful, gentle and sincere: every woman’s perfect husband. Sometimes I want to fuck his brains out, other times I just want to hug him. Sometimes I want him to marry me, other times I want him to adopt me. 

Then, of course, there is the pleasure I take in dragging Mr. Vanilla over to the darker side for some kinkier shenanigans. Funny thing is, he doesn’t protest very much and, in fact, seems to be wanting to go there more and more. Hmmm…. 



Soon to be Knighted:  Closeted Savant, Lady of the Lace Savant, Snatch Doggy Dog Savant and Pussy-Whipped Savant.