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Submission Gone Awry

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Ten Things Slave Boy Doesn’t  Want to Hear

#1: “Um, I *think* I have another key around here somewhere…”

#2: “Oops.”

#3: “Um. You didn’t *really* need that, did you?”

#4: “Which end of this thing am I supposed to put in there?”

#5: “Don’t worry. I’m sure there’s a locksmith somewhere that’s open at 2AM…”

#6: “I promised not to do any permanent damage – but you know, hair grows back.”

#7: “Oops. I *thought* that was the lube.”

#8: “Uh oh. If that’s the KY tube, what did I just put up your…..”

#9: “Did I mention we’re on camera and this is going on my interactive website?”

#10 “Safeword? Um, what’s a safeword?”

#11 “And this is my German Shepherd, Ralph. I know you’ll just love Ralph.”

#12 “Oh fuck. You *can* untie yourself from up there, right?”

#13 “Oh shit. You do know CPR, don’t you?”

#14 “Heh heh heh. You didn’t tell anybody else you were coming here, did you?”

#15 “I do too know what I’m doing. I’ve read five whole Gor novels!”

#16 “Now, where DID I put that extra attachment for the chainsaw?”

#17 “Uh oh. If this is the tube of Superglue, where’s the KY?”

#18 “Did I ever mention that little fantasy I have about the tennis balls?”

#19 “Lie very, very still and keep your body temperature low. It turns me on.”

#20 “Oh, um, hello, Officer.”

(sent to me by a very obedient boy, who I think would could actually hear any of the above and would still adore me)