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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009


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Under the Influence

Saturday, February 21st, 2009


So, as usual,  you’ve been finding me in the most unusual ways.  Which I don’t mind and to which I hardly ever even pay any real attention, even though — as most website owners/bloggers do — I have the ability to check a variety of stats, including the Key Words readers are popping into Google to find their way from there to here.    Occasionally, though, I do take a peek just to see what’s cooking.  I have to say, sometimes what I see is a real head-scratcher. 

And once you take a gander at  Zen’s recent Key Words, you”ll probably be scratching too.  I mean what exactly is urban porno and how would it differ from, say, pastoral or suburban porno?  Who is looking for what — when he types mistress v penis into  his search engine?  Maybe he’s missing Mistress V as much as I am and getting all teary-eyed over the good old (Small Penis Prevention) days?

And then there’s those certain phrases that make me ask:  What was he thinking, drinking, snorting and/or injecting?  Look at the  red text.  See it?  This guy is definitely under the influence of something — but I’m thinking it’s most likely the influence of his naughty penis, which would also be known as STIFF PRICK SUPiDITY SYNDROME, wherein the gray matter turns gelatinous and reality takes a flying leap.  For the record, I will NOT do Phone Fantasies re. to Obama.  It’s just too silly.

Copied and pasted directly from my stats:

pussycunt (since when was this one word?)
phone sex
femdom wedding
penis punish
female dominant phone sex
game small penis humiliation
phone sex quote
cuckold respect wife\’s boyfriend (a great concept — in theory)
phone sex
face slapping bdsm
haircut fetish chat (I got spanked on this one)
face slapping bdsm
zen fetish blog (were you looking for moi’?)
teenage cuckold
obama big ears big cock (???)
phone sex quote
angela st. lawrence
small penis humiliation
femdom phonesex
mistress v penis (I miss my friend!)
urban porno
phone sex
cuck submissive
pantiesformen (uses spaces in search engines!)
free face slapped sex
small penis humiliation (more of that?)
girl sneaker porn
sexual face slapping
femdomme phone sex
penis punishment
tease denial
cougars milfs
angela st. lawrence
have best phone sex
aged milfs
what cuckold
fuckme red lipstick
"small penis" sister (uh, what?)
leopard beastiality  (dangerous!)
blackmailed erotic (about which I said)
learning the fetish blackmail
erotic blackmail
small penis humiliation
"haircut fetish"
parochial school erotic stories
small penis humiliation
cock sucking fags
forced cuckolds "Cuckold Stories"
milfs and cougars
faceslapping mistress
face slap mistress
getting fucked while busy
zen fetiche (ooh, so fancy)
sexy slapping
phone sex small penis
sissies getting a butt plug
phone sex small penis humiliation
erotic humiliation stories cotton panties
milf pedia (could someone clue me in on this one?)
Slap submissive
sneaker girl fetish
small penis phone sex (ah, yeah, i’m getting a bad rep)


So what do you think?  Am I a bad girl?  Or a good girl who just happens to know how to be bad at the right time?  And isn’t it interesting all the face slapping and humiliation seekers who find their way here?  What must you think of me?  But there is a healthy sampling of other stuff (milf, tease & denial, phone sex quote, etc.).  One could make the argument (and I am) that the list reflects my creativity and flexibility — my eclectic, sexy genius.  *wink*

xo, Angela

Spiritual Meter is Everywhere

Thursday, August 14th, 2008


by Rodney Jones

Over time it occurs to me
I am building a shed that will burn.
Footer and sill, whatever I do
flames blue and translates to ash.
The nail shrieks as it enters the joist
and streams out, shrieks
and drips a metal tear
from the elemental eye.

What I do not know is here.
I worship wood and the instant.
What is over, I can never finish.
The angel of work is sweat.
And still as I move the brush
many faces look back at me.
The stain vanishing into the knot
reminds me of something I forgot.


In a later entry, I will tell you were I found this absolutley astounding poem.  In the meantime:

Rodney King’s book of poetry, Salvation Blues: 100 poems, 1985–2005, is AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

About Rodney Jones AT BLACKBIRD

An interview with Rodney Jones at STORY SOUTH.

Put your weenie away and pay attention!  Are you paying attention now?  Are you feeling it?  Absorbing?  Luxuriating?  Thinking?  I hope so, because I will be asking you about this the next time we talk.

xo, Angela

Designing Woman

Monday, January 7th, 2008

You may have noticed I’ve been kinda-sorta redecorating.  Blistered Lips is in its 3rd or 4th incarnation.  I am loving the new look and probably will be sticking with it for a while.  At least I hope so.  Mostly I try to keep things simple.  No matter where you find me, you don’t find a whole lot of T&A because, well, if you have a search engine, you can easily find the dirty pictures all by yourself.   (Of course if you’re in a jam and want your eye candy on the fly and with no fuss or muss, you can add this guy to your bookmarks.  Why?  Because I did.  And if it’s good enough for me, well, it’s good enough for you.)

So, yeah, not a lot of dirty pictures here. 

Except …

Here at Zen Fetish, what I have done is implemented a new editor, actually a second new editor, and am playing around with exactly which of the two better serves my needs.  My main reason for doing this is to include a thumbnail at the beginning of most entries, which wasn’t possible with the original editor.  Or maybe it was and I was just too dumb to figure it out. 

Anyway, I thought that just a little picture tying into the entry’s theme or topic, or even just to provide a bit of eye candy might be nice for my readers.  You can let me know what you think.  Really, you can.  I welcome the good, bad and ugly.  Just don’t get too ugly.  Remember, I do have a Bitch Goddess streak in me.

Also, I put my two awards up in the side bar, because I’m such an egomaniac and wanted to brag.  The Cunning Linguists Journals box?  Click on it every day.  It helps me out.  Really it does.  But just once a day.  And check out where it takes you, because there are a lot of other bloggers that you will find there, some of whom just might be your particular cup of kink.

You may also have notice the book advertisement for Fetish Sex:  An Erotic Guide for Couples.  Don’t be shy, click the link (over there —->)and read all about it.  And if you want to buy it, be my guest.  If not, that’s okay too.  It’s not that I make huge amounts of money, believe you me.  But it does make me look good as an Amazon associate.

The other thing I did was downsize the category and archives so that there is now a drop-down box for each.  It takes up way less space and is much less distracting, yet is still handily available for the enthusiastic and/or smitten visitor.

So I think it’s looking pretty good around here.  I hope you think so, too.


I went running around today and, besides grocery shopping, got my hair and nails (pedicure and manicure) done.  Yum yum!  I feel gorgeous.  I keep thinking I’m going to give up the fingernails, but just never can resist.  Giving up the pedicure isn’t even an option.


I had to fight snow on my way back home, so I’m rather tired this evening and am going to take a night off of the kink-O-phone.  You better miss me.  Or else.

xo, Angela


People Are Talking

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

I'm lucky, I guess.  My callers are, for the most part, the cream of the crop.  And I wouldn't have it any other way. The are well-mannered, thoughtful, generous and appreciative.  I expect such behavior of myself and those with whom I choose to interact, both personally and professionally.  Why shouldn't I expect top-notch treatment?  For that matter, why shouldn't they?

The Phone Sex Business, even Fem Dom Phone Sex, can be be quite mucky.  Every PSO can tell a horror story or two, and so can the callers.  When I worked for a service, I was a company girl all the way, putting up with a lot of crap and nonsense because the people who hired me deserved nothing less of me.  But now I run my own business and have neither the desire nor the patience for the mediocrity and vulgarity of the socially dysfunctional.

But, like I said, then there are the good guys…droves of them.  So minus the three hundred plus which I've blocked from speaking with me, here are some comments/reviews from my fellows:

  • Always exciting, always unscripted and unpredictable, always my favorite.
  • Angela is one of the the smartest and most giving women that i have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Not only does she put you at ease with her warm personality but she does an amazing job of painting a vivid picture of your fantasy, one that leaves a lasting impression on your mind. Angela definitely gets my highest recommendation.
  • Miss Angela, you always know what I need. When I think it can't possibly get any better, you raise the bar another notch or two. And I, of course, rise (pun intended) to the occasion. Thanx, U Know Who
  • Men want her attention, women want to be her. Men are lucky: If we are gentlemen and adequately respectful, Angela will turn her brilliant gaze our way. Women, on the other hand, are just plain out of luck.
  • Gawd, she's good!
  • A phone session with Angela St. Lawrence is akin to stumbling upon an oasis. Amidst a desert populated with 45-year old "Barely Legal Brittanys" and grammar-challenged "Lifestyle Dom Lolitas," in Angela you will find someone who really knows what a sentence is and how to complete it; who can actually weave a fantasy and keep all the facts straight. Someone who treats her callers with respect instead of simply as cash cows ripe to be milked. In this milieu, Angela sets the bar. Give her a try. I think you'll find she's worth every penny.
  • It's St. Lawrence of Erotica…she commands vast armies of devoted men who, like me, willingly subjugate their own needs for the wants of Angela. I serve with honor, in spite of my pants being around my shoes.
  • All she needs to do is say that she is taking control – and I am putty in her hands. Angela reads me so well, pleases me so much and satisfies me so completely that there never will be another like her in my life.
  • Absolute phenomenal. The depths of her imagination never fail to amaze me. Terrific!
  • Move over Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and every other Fem Fatale who ever thought she knew how to control her man. Angela has the secret code, the golden key, the sacred scrolls. No male is safe with a woman like this on the loose.
  • Dear Betty Crocker, Angela has found a new use for a garlic press, so now I am a soprano who smells like an Italian restaurant.
  • Angela is terrific! She is super sexy and also smart; a rare combination that makes her irresistible.
  • Angela told me that I remind her of an old rhythm and blues singer….Little Richard. Or was it Wee Willy Winky? In any case, I told her she could thread my needle anytime. I think she still may be laughing. God, I love this woman.
  • I'm a very dirty boy. And Miss Angela knows how to take control of a chronic masturbater like me. She is threatening everything from enforced chasity to castration if I don't get myself under control. But it's so HARD, Miss Angela. Please have mercy.
  • Angela, what can I say? You are an invigorating mountain stream, cool, refreshing, bubbly and full of life! You restore the spring in my step and you satisfy like none other! I feel honored that you will take the time out of your day to talk with me and to make my day brighter with your laugh. Gentlemen, there are PSO's and then there is Angela! In a class of her own, she can rock your world, or rock you to sleep, and she knows which one you need, on any given day. She is amazing, and she stands alone as the best of the best!
  • We can only wish that 1% of the girls here were as creative as Angela.
  • Ms. St. Lawrence serves up custom-designed, one-of-a-kind fetish and kink each and every time. If you're looking for smart edge play administered by a wickedly sweet Mistress: CALL NOW!
  • Another wild ride on the dark side with the absolute Queen of Denial. She makes me ache and beg and plead, the entire time giggling or whispering dirty words into my ears and making me do the filthiest deeds imaginable. I belong to Her. Her name is tattooed across my heart and my *CENSORED*
  • The best decision I ever made was to call this Magnificent Goddess. Our first call she took time to get to know me–both as a person and as a deviant, dirty little boy. Every interaction is bliss. Every encounter better than the last. She is smart, sexy and beautiful. I worship her.
  • Hardcore sissification, objectification and humiliation in the hands of a woman who absolutely knows what she is doing and does it like no other. There is nobody who can get inside of your head like Angela.
  • Mistress is a Supreme Ruler of men. She stoked my most depraved submissive desires.
  • Absolute perfection. No matter where I tell her my head is (objectification, feminization, etc) she steps up to the plate and delivers a home run….EVERYTIME!

Oh, and then there is this rather creative poetic review:

Angie St. Lawrence is her name
Oral fantasy is her game

If your sex life’s a bleak November
She’s human Viagra for your member

Like to dress in women’s clothes?
Be abused? Suck a nose?

Mince about? Like a sissy?
Better call this sexy Missy!

Is your pleasure cunnilingus?
Or a dildo in your dingus?

Care to suck a zoo gorilla?
Or just do it straight vanilla?

Ever try it hot and dental?
Angie’ll do you; she’s non-judgmental

Got a thing for women’s toes?
Whips and chains? Or pantyhose?

It doesn’t matter. What’s your pleasure?
Just call Angie, at your leisure

Some PSOs aren’t real smart
Angie's different. And she's got heart!

What is not to love about such a great group of guys?  I'm a very lucky girl…don't think I don't know it.  Peace out. 

xo, Angela