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Thursday, June 4th, 2015

She is sleeping quietly in her crib. I am propped-up in bed reading. I listen to her breathe. I check the clock. I begin to wonder how late you will be.

You are hunting tonight. We stay safe in our den, relaxing or sleeping or taking time for mundane chores. In our bed I listen to every sound until I hear the door.

The door closes and I can hear what I have longed to hear. My warrior walks the length of the wooden hall. Her heels ring out like hobnails once might have done. Louder and closer she comes.

She enters, radiant, beautiful, and commanding. Her heels come off. Her dress comes off. She scoops our daughter from her crib and carries her to bed. She feeds. Her mother has already fed.

Was her prey young or old? Did he find satisfaction or frustration? Her mood is not changed by the feelings of the prey. She lured him towards her. Maybe she smiled. Maybe she frowned. Maybe she spoke too loud. Maybe she spoke too soft. He chased, unsure, too sure, but he chased. Thinking he was hunting, he was hunted. Thinking he was making his move, he was conquered.

The baby has fed. You hand her to me and I carry her, sleeping and satisfied, to her crib. I return to your bed. You are satisfied but alert. A motion of your hand and I stop. Your breasts are bare and swollen with milk. I kneel, naked and hungry before you. Your hand is moving and so am I.

I approach. I tremble. I quake. I throb. I salivate.

You hold your right breast in your two hands.

You speak: drink from me!

I fall upon my task with ardor and greed. With my mouth, I suck. I lick. I knead. I lap. I lavish. My tongue is fast and slow, gentle and firm. I take short and long passes across your nipples. They are tender. They reward me. As your milk flows into my mouth, your hand wrap around my cock. I am in ecstasy without fulfillment. I want more and more. Tender swollen breasts and warm sweet milk on my lips compete with the firm gentle fast slow scratching soothing actions of your hand on my cock.

I am chasing and chased.

I feed upon you.

You smile, victorious, another prize taken by the huntress.


just a lil kinky story from a fanboy

Cock-Sucking Love Bugs?

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Hey!  I didn’t say it.  The fellow who typed it into Google’s search engine said it (see red text below).  But I sure do wonder what he was specifically trying to hunt down.  I dunno.  Is there such a thing as a love bug in the animal kingdom?  Was he looking for a hot and steamy twist on bestiality?  Something like an arthropodous idee fixe?  A fetish for romantic vermin that will crawl all over his cock and suck it at the same time? 

I haven’t a clue and, quite honestly, I’m not sure I even want to know.

Anyway, as I’ve noted before, I do occasionally gather the initiative to take a look at my website stats.  Most of the time, I could care less.  I’m a poet at heart — the frippery of data bores me to absolutely no end.  Blah, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve neither the time nor inclination to extricate, investigate, evaluate or differentiate. 

I just don’t see a need to over-complicate this.  After all, everything is working just fine the way it is:  You find me, I find you, it’s love-at-first-site and we live happily ever after. That is, at least until I kick you to the curb.  So …  why mess with a good thing?


As a RESPONSIBLE business woman I should be paying attention.  So once in a blue moon, I take a gander.  Which I did.  And now I’m done looking for another few months.  Or two.  Or three.  Maybe four or five.  What am I going to do with this info?  Absolutely nothing.  Except let you take a peek, too:

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  • oh cum all ye faithful

Shocked?  Intrigued?  Disgusted?  All I did was copy and paste.  YOU found ME here.  I was just blogging away, minding my own business.  What a naughty bunch of bad, bad boys you are.  Now you’re here and just what am I supposed to do with you?  Maybe I should force you to pick something from your own list?  Or maybe I should have fudged the list and added things I’d decidedly like you to do.  Let me think about that and get back to you. 

And for the record, I’m not into bestiality.  Particularly of the sort involving creepy-crawly arachnids of an sort.   So disgusting. I mean I’m the girl who screams when I see an ants.

Then again, if your into be squashed like a bug …. call me!  *wink*

xo, Angela

On Your Knees, Bitch Boy

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Okay, I know for many of you, this just isn’t your particular Cup of Kink.  Then again, there are those of you who would think you’d died and gone to heaven if you found yourself alone with this leather-clad stud-bull in a room, a dungeon or even the bathroom of a low-brow bar on the wrong side of the tracks.  You’d just feel so dirty, wouldn’t you?

I found this pic over at BDM Romance where Richard, Zen’s own Submissive Savant, and  who’s kinda-sorta on the prowl, is sounding kind of frustrated.  I guess I should have warned him about Stupid Penis Sydrome.

And speaking of Richard, you really should read his Sissified Orgasm Denial Cuckolded Small Penis Humiliation Chastity meme, which includes what I do believe is a first, Autoerotic Penis Humiliation:  My penis is smaller than you’re penis!  It’s frickin’ hilarious.


Phone Sex Quote of the Day:

(from Mr. M. — a very special guy who while enjoying a healthy round of FemDom PhoneSex, most certainly doesn’t like Erotic Humilation and Financial Domination)

If I wanted someone to call me a loser, take all my money and treat me like shit, I would still be married. 

xo, Angela

You Rang?

Friday, September 26th, 2008

If you aren’t watching the debate tonight, shame on you!  Here’s a list of the latest key words surfers are using to find this little ol’ blog of mine.  Interesting, eh?

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Cuckold Types

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Tip-toeing around the web I found this incredible FREE website for cuckolds, CuckyBoy.  The site’s owner/operator is actually a cuckold and his passion for his kink is reflected in the incredible amount of content, including cuckold stories, personal ads and a forum.  It is simply divine, generous and overflowing with so many goodies that  you’ll want to bookmark it and visit often.

Below is Cucky Boy’s (methinks quite astute) breakdown of three "cuckold types" followed by his list of personality traits common in most cuckolds.  He’s obviously much more an expert than I am, but from what I’ve experienced via the kink-O-phone, he is most definitely right on target.  And I wonder when academia in all it’s "vanilla-ness" is going to address cuckolding, humiliation, erotic hypnotism and all the other stuff they just keep pretending isn’t out there.  Hmmm.  Because, quite frankly, Cucky Boy’s types and accompanying charactaristics should be in a text book some where. 

Cuckold Type 1 – The traditional cuckold

* The cuckold may have come to the lifestyle by finding out his wife is cheating
* There is a certain aspect of deviance by the cheating wife
* The cuckold can seem almost tortured by the cheating wife’s behavior
* The cuckolds say they enjoy it but if you really read what they’re saying in their posts or comments it’s almost as though they do not have choice and they lack of choice excites them
* At some level the cuckold does enjoy the emotional torture, much like a masochist
* They enjoy the humiliation aspects of cuckolding (wimp factor, knows his place, small penis)
* The slut wife sometimes includes him and sometimes she ignores him
* The cuckolds tend to be more submissive in all aspects of the relationship and the hotwives tend to be more dominant in all aspects
* The cheating wife may practice sexual denial with the cuckold

Cuckold Type 2 – The non-traditional cuckold

* Came to the lifestyle after talking the wife into it
* They love their hotwives having sex with other men
* Their hot wives enjoy teasing the cuckold and letting him be a part of it somehow (the cuckold is not necessarily always physically present with her and her lover, but she makes sure that he is a part of it by calling or telling him all the details when she arrives home)
* The cuckold and the slut wife are open about all aspects of the wives sexual activity, no deviance
* The cuckold enjoys the hotwife’s sluttieness and her sexual power over him
* The cuckold tends to have more desire and passion for his wife after she has been with another man
* These cuckolds tend to be only sexually submissive
* In all other aspects of the relationship the cuckold and wife are equal partners

Cuckold Type 3 – The Fem or Wimp Cuckold

* The cuckold enjoys feminization brought on by the hotwife
* The cuckold enjoys the forced femimization by the hot wife, made to wear panties, make up, bras, etc.
* The cuckold enjoys the humiliation of not being man enough to handle his wife
* The slut wife tends to be dominate in all aspects of the relationship
* The hot wife may or may not include the cuckold in her sexual activities
* The cuckold has definite bi-sexual tendencies
* The hot wife may use a strap on dildo on her fem cuck
* The hot wife may include the lover in using the cuck for her pleasure (oral and anal)

The following tendencies seem to be present in all types of cuckolds

* Cuckolds tend to be highly educated and rely on their minds a lot
* The difference between a strict hot wife relationship and a cuckold relationship is in the cuckold relationship the hotwife is always in sexual control, she is the one who makes the decisions about other men and often controls the sexual behavior of the cuckold. In a strictly Hot Wife relationship the husband will be in control of who the Hot Wife meets and fucks.
* Cuckolds tend to enjoy masturbation and fantasy
* Cuckolds are not necessarily very physical in their love making skills and tend to be more mental and emotional
* Cuckolds are not easily turned on by just the physical aspects of sex itself, they tend to need more mental, visual and aural stimulation then the average male
* Cuckolds may have less testosterone than say a Bull who can get excited by physical aspects of sex
* The act of being cuckolded is appealing because of its mental and emotional aspects and it is often long and drawn out over a period of time with the wife dating and such
* The cuckold loves feeling cucky angst for hours upon hours until the slut wife comes home and allows relief
* The cuckold my be fixated on the idea of his penis is not enough to pleasure his wife and take pleasure from her getting a larger cock for her lover
* It is very difficult to define a cuckold relationship, we are all different and ultimately if you call yourself a cuckold and your hotwife has sexual activity with other men and she controls it, then I guess you are one
* Real cuckold couples are rare
* Real Bulls are rare