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pUsSy, cUnT, sNaTcH, tWat, cOochie

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

No matter what you call it … it rules the world.

Artist:  Jackie Adshead

Miss Adshead presents a comprehensive and diverse gallery at her website, from which you may purchase.  She also accepts commissions and offers many other options for purchase, such as cards, prints and wall-coverings — which you can see here.  

Found via Sweat Shop Sissy, who — whatever he calls his wife’s nether parts — surely adores every single inch of her.  They are simply a great twosome who make it easy for the rest of us to believe in true love.

xo, Angela

FemDom Poem

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

cunt is your drug

by Angela St. Lawrence

the scent of her
is on you like a tattoo
marking your greedy mouth
for the servant that it is

your greedy cock
will snivel and bob and strain
but cunt is your drug
and you are her marked man

her claret blood
stains your bloated lips
and cunt is your drug
and you are her scarlet secret

your rigid prick
will bargain and weep and thrum
but cunt is your drug
and you are her clay pigeon

her flaxen piss
seasons your obedient tongue
and cunt is your drug
and you are her golden boy

your diligent meat
will mewl and seize and shiver
but cunt is your drug
and you are her wicked bitch

her butter liqueur
bridles your debauched face
and cunt is your drug
and you are her candy man

the smell of her
is on you like a birthmark
annotating your avocation
previewing your impediment
bookmarking your bewitchment

because cunt is your drug
and she feeds you well


A piece of poetry I wrote a while back for my erotica blog, Blistered Lips.  Not everybody who reads this blog reads the other … and vice versa.  So I sometimes "share" between the two blogs, particularly if I or even my readers find something particularly interesting.  Anyway, hope you like the poem.

xo, Angela