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A Few Things …

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

A Few Things You Wanted to Know About Phone Sex

~ But Were Afraid to Ask

It just might be that — rather than being afraid to ask — you just don’t give a damn.  … one way or the other.  But this lass does care.   It’s what I DO.  So if you don’t mind, we’re going to go over some basics today.  If you actually do find this topic of interest, then I urge you to read (or re-read, as the case should may be) my post, Phone Sex Tips for Men.

⇒No Two Phone Sex Calls Are Alike

Yes, you heard that right:  Phone Sex calls are kinda-sorta like snowflakes.  And we may already be starting off on the wrong foot, because I’m going to  rephrase myself:  No Two Phone Sex Calls SHOULD BE alike.  If they are, um, buddy, then something is just not kosher.  Key turn-ons flirted with? Sure.  Certain hot buttons tickled?  Of course.  You’re the "boy" after all and need your milk-and cookie-fix like clockwork. 

Try thinking of phone sex as melody/medley  of musical chairs/speed dating.  Really, I mean it.  Picture it.  How could any encounter, even if you occasionally end up sitting across from the same girl, repeat itself?  So expect the unexpected, even require the unexpected.

But here’s the catch:  You must not only require the unexpected of that girl whispering sweet nothings into your ear, you must require the unexpected of the moment you are in, and you must, more importantly, require it of yourself.  In other words, don’t be the same old boring you.  You get to do that every day. 

Dare to be audacious, open yourself up to adventure.  And don’t forget that part of opening up is giving a little or even a lot.  Take a leap of faith and  tell her that "extra-dirty" detail of your secret fantasy.  You know — the one you’ve never, ever told anybody, not even other PSOs.  Ask her about something you’ve been tip-toeing around the edges of.  ie. exactly what is cuckolding?  Or talk about a particular XXX website or blog that has caught your attention so that your phone cohort will get the "hint" and know where to take you.  Describe a scene that’s been playing over and over again in your head.  If she is wise, she’ll get it and your off and running!

⇒Good Phone Sex is NOT About Fucking

And I mean that in the nicest way.  No, really, I do!  Stop smirking.  Now this doesn’t mean some serious copulation  won’t occur sometime during your Phone Sex encounter.  Of course not.  It just means that when and if it happens (because, believe you me, there are a lot of other ways to orgasm besides intercourse and even masturbation — particularly during a fetish-y, kinky type of call) it will usually be absolutely-tutely mind-blowing, due to the mind-fucking and word games played beforehand.  In other words, good Phone Sex is all about the adjectives (i.e. sleek, wet, rock-hard, swollen, spasming) and the adverbs (answering the incredibly important questions of how, when, where and why).

Let’s get real here.  Getting laid is the stuff of everyday life.  You really don’t need a PSO for that.  You have your significant others and/or friends with whom you share benefits, and/or one-night stands and/or massage parlors with happy endings.  And never let it be said that I don’t encourage the real sex of every day life.  It’s healthy and it’s necessary, both physiologically and psychologically. 

I would never underestimate the importance of the human touch … the textures, the scents, the taste, the emotional bonding of sex with a real, live person.  But we’re not talking about that, are we?  We’re talking about Hot Sex Chat.  We’re talking about Erotic Fantasy Conversation.

Yes you could call me and be quick about it and mount me and I could moan and groan and we could say goodbye.  Wam.  Bam. Thank you, Ma’am.  But didn’t you just do that with your wife last night?  Why waste your hard-earned cash on a Phone Sex Call doing the same thing with me?  How can we make it worth your time and money to call me, while also making it !hot damn! stupendous, tremendous, and even maybe down-right earth-shattering?  Back to those adjectives and adverbs. 

What if … long before any fucking:

  • Your secretary discovers your secret fetish for black stockings.
  • Megan, a student in your Ethics class, walks in on you masturbating.
  • You snoop around your wife’s computer only to discover she’s searching for lesbian porn.
  • The girl giving you a lap dance invites you home with her.
  • Big-breasted Marcie keeps coming on to you — only she’s your brother’s girlfriend.
  • The woman next to you on the flight whispers something really dirty in your ear.
  • You make a pass at your mother’s best friend.
  • The children’s nanny keeps leaving her panties around where you can find them.
  • You’re spying on your (sunbathing nude) neighbor when she catches you.

Can you imagine?  Can you see how many roads you might travel before you get to the down-and-dirty of it?  The possibilities are endless and the adventures limitless.  And there’s a lot of words between here and there.  But, my-O-my, how sweet it is when you get there.  Can you even fathom just how intense THAT orgasm would be?  I would argue it’s a zillion times better.   All because of those adjectives and adverbs.

⇒One Phone Sex Girl is NOT the Same as Another

Absolutely, positively TRUE!  And whether you realize it or not, you pretty much believe this yourself.  Otherwise you’d be doing the eeny meeney miney moe method of Phone Sex Search rather than wasting a whole lot of your (I’m assuming) valuable time perusing PhoneSex Topsites, skimming pages upon pages of NiteFlirt listings and/or scouring the web via your very own favorite search terms (stiletto phonesex, Cougar Sex, Cock Control, erotic humiliation, hot tease phone sex, ruined orgasm, cross-dressing, MILF, Princess phonesex, Taboo, Kinky phone, Mature, shemale, barely legal … fill in the blank). 

The point being that we are as different and unique as our callers.  There’s bad ones, to good ones, to great ones, to superior ones — and everything in between.  Again, we’re just like you and every other human being on this planet.  You did know we live on the same planet as you, didn’t you?

What was that?  Do you have a question?  And just where would you put yourself in that concatenation, Miss Angela?  I’m so glad you asked beloved and cherished reader/caller.  Because the truth of the matter is I don’t know.  My inability to place myself into the Phone Sex Continuum speaks not to a lack of self-knowledge or inability to gauge my "strengths" and "weaknesses."  It speaks to the fact of what we are discussing:  Everybody is uniquely kinky in their own very special way and recreates and/or imagines that kinkiness de novo when they endeavor to share it with someone new.

It’s about chemistry, it’s about timing, it’s about the aligning of the stars.  It’s about what you’re used to, what you expect, what you crave.  It’s about what the caller brings to the  PhoneSex table and where the Phone Sex Operator pulls up her chair.  It’s about being a smart and savvy Phone Sex Shopper.  It’s about understanding your own sexual fetishes and kinks and seeking out the girl who "gets you" and will make it happen for you in a most fantabulous way.  It’s about reading between the lines — appreciating the clever nuances, cunning innuendo and inspired double entendres of a Phone Sex Diva’s web pages.  It’s about shopping smart with a critical cock eye and choosing wisely. 

It’s about I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

xo,  Angela

Goo goo ga joob.

R U a Little Weenie Boy?

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

A sub-fetish of Erotic Humiliation, Penis Humiliation is the hottest thing in Phone Sex these days.  And while some readers might think this an odd fantasy/fetish/kink, most Phone Sex Operators are quite used to it and actually have a lot of fun with it. 

Think of it as a form of VERBAL BDSM.  I mean, after all, the Phone Domme can’t really use whips and chains and Ben Gay (ouch, indeed, very much).  But she can use words.  It is arguably more erotically powerful to dominate with real words — real bad, mean words — rather than "and now I am going to beat you."  And what matters most to a man?  His dick.  It may seem a trite observation, but it is nonetheless true. 

I often say that our poor men — they just can’t help it.  After all, it’s like God created them with the supreme disadvantage of having a gear shift sticking out right there, right there in front for the world to see … even with the cover of trousers!   How can the NOT think about it all the time?  And it makes them very vulnerable, doesn’t it?

So why not go for the girth?  Make every word count and hit him with those words where it hurts the most?  Only, in this case, with pain — there’s no gain.  Little Willie leaves the encounter none the worse for the wear … but none the better.  His sad puny prick is still sad and still puny.

It makes sense.  Penis size is very much on the male mind (don’t ask — he won’t admit it) at least some of the time. Hornswaggling, doolally spammers bank on it.  In my personal email recently:

  • Female Orgasms:  Bigger means Better for your Woman
  • Your tool is so small she hardly finds it in bed?
  • Penetrate Deeper
  • Enhance your masculine tool
  • Fill out your erectile tissue
  • Enlarging your male weapon means winning a competition
  • From now on you will be able to satisfy each size-queen
  • Your male power will return like a boomerang

Now, admittedly, this Mystery Meat (pun intended) was more than likely sent from the one and only internet cafe in some backward jungle — the spammer believing the hype of myriad porn sites.  But he is on to something and it must make money, because everybody finds this stuff in their in-boxes.    Even me, and I have a very feminine personal email address.  It’s the marketing method of Quantity over Quality … just like a Size Queen Fantasy!  The irony is delicious.

Besides being a subcategory of Erotic Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation is a major theme in Cuckolding Fantasies.  Particularly when the Cuckoldress’s lovers are studly black bulls.  It’s the stark differences that give these fantasies their edge:  Black vs. White, Woman vs. Male, Wife vs. Husband, Large vs. Small.  So, even if it’s not quite your thing, perhaps you can understand that, for others, it’s sizzling hot.

Forced Bi Fantasies will often contain at least a portion of Small Penis Humiliation, with size functioning to underline one’s role in the fantasy:  large equals dominant, small equals submissive.  The feeling of tractability can be deeply enhanced when the physicality of size is used as emphasis.

So Big Cock, Small Cock, Average Cock … what’s it all about, Angela?

Well, you might recall that I actually wrote an about this in an essay, Erotic Humiliation is Not an Oxymoron, for the book, Sex Kitten Presents the BDSM Issue.  While I don’t discuss Small Penis Humiliation per se, I do talk about the "fantasy" of being verbally humiliated, taunted and abused by a beautiful and poweful FemDom. 

As far as me, personally:  Is bigger better?  Do I or don’t I?  Well, you’ll just have to READ ALL ABOUT IT.

xo, Angela

Looking For Sex

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Looking for Sex:  In All the Wrong Places?

I've written about this before, that as a webmistress I can see the  search terms by which people find their way to me.  Because I am a most awesome-est blog-stress, dontcha know.  (And if you're a first time visitor reading this, don't run away.  Stick around and get to know me.  I joke around a lot.  And make fun of myself and of what I do and everything else that is within shooting distance.) 

The last time, in an entry titled My Bad Reputation, we were looking at my FREE erotic story blog, Blistered Lips, checking out the specific search terms by which people were finding that site.  Evidently both readers and callers found it interesting, as many commented either via this blog or over the phone as to such.  Although it would behoove me to pay serious attention to this type of info and market myself accordingly, I don't.  But, hey!  I've always gone by the seat of my panties and it seems to serve me well.  So excuse me while I keep doing what works for me.

But I do continue to monitor–at least periodically–the whole darned thing, because it is fascinating.  As of late, my eyes have been on this blog, Zen Fetish, and which magical yellow brick road searchers are taking to get here.

So are ya ready?  Wanna see what I see? 

  • domination (little innocent moi?)
  • pantyhose
  • femdom wedding  (read all about it)
  • Hermaphrodite Phonesex  (I am actually quite good at this.)
  • Angela St. Lawrence  (Guess who?)
  • mistress tease denial
  • phone sex  (read all about it)
  • denial tease
  • cock sucking men (Now would I make a guy do that?)
  • small penis humiliation
  • zen fetish
  • pantyhose blog
  • cuckold fetish  (read all about it)
  • smoking fetish  (here and here)
  • fetish ladies in leather
  • femdom story
  • cock control (read all about it)
  • angela +zen fetish
  • penis humiliation  (Okay, I admit liking this fantasy.)
  • zen fetish
  • femdom
  • you're dick is bigger than my strap on  (I think not!)
  • "porn art"
  • femdom professional (You rang?)
  • deep throat small penis  (Is that even possible?)
  • female domination
  • catholic school girl fetish (read all about it)
  • femdom wedding
  • phonesex fetish
  • angela st lawrence
  • zen fetish
  • tease and denial (read all about it)
  • zen fetish
  • panty boy
  • erotic tease  (A favorite of mine.)
  • smell my thong  (I will not!)
  • angela st. lawrence
  • small penis humiliation
  • spanking +enema 
  • humiliation small dick
  • small penis humiliation
  • tease and delay orgasm stories
  • princess crissy (read all about it)
  • face slapping
  • erotic humiliation (read all about it)
  • good girls gone bad  (What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?)
  • women getting fucked by a small penis
  • zen fetish
  • cuckold (read all about it)
  • frau story  (Say what?)
  • dirty school girls
  • sissy +panties  (Oh, the fun of it all.)
  • erotic humiliation
  • panty fetish  (read all about it)
  • forced cocksucking (read all about it)
  • looking for a dirty old man to use my sissy man cunt (You are?)
  • smoking fetish
  • fucked so hard her pussy bled  (Dream on, Herman.)
  • face slapping a slave  (read all about it)
  • small penis humiliation
  • mistress femdom "eat cum" 
  • cock tease  (read all about it)
  • dangling pussy lips  (Yuk!)
  • small penis humiliation
  • bad girls bestiality (Shame on you!)
  • cock sucking boys (read all about it)
  • fetish women in chains
  • panty ass fetish
  • orgasm control  (Oh, yeah!)
  • smoking fetish
  • cum denial
  • kinky catholic girls  (And your point is…?)
  • i  like big cock and i am a man  (I knew that already.)
  • sissy sex with mom mistress
  • zen sex
  • cuckold "worship my cunt"
  • bad boy forced to cum
  • pantified
  • slightly big cocks  (hmmm….)
  • cum denial story
  • catholic girls  (read all about it)
  • panties
  • face slapping porn
  • naughty santa claus
  • santa claus sex
  • good girls gone bad porn
  • panty jerking
  • smoking, face slapping

The above is just a partial list, since I only have so much time and so do you.  But at least you get a picture of how people are finding their way to the Church of Miss St. Lawrence.  I was surprised how fast my naughty little Christmas story got picked up.  The Internet Gods must have their noses to the grindstone, trying to keep up with the blogosphere explosion.

It's kinda-sorta embarrassing how much "small penis humiliation" (in some form or other) comes up.  It really is a fun dom/sub phonesex game, but it is only a game and not anything I do in my real, everyday life.  I just love the fantasy of verbally emasculating a man.  Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.  I will tell you that very smart, sophisticated men usually enjoy this fantasy.  I think it might be because they are so damned brilliant, the word play is an intoxicating form of domination…whips and chains are just too common for them.

Mostly the list is pretty accurate regarding the types of fantasies at which I excel.  At least some guys seem to think so.  Then there are a few who don't.   C'est la vie!

So, don't be shy.  Tell me what you think.

xo, Angela