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Angelaphabet 0.10

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Angelaphabet 0.10:  I Get Around

Ashley Madison for your cheating heart
Buttered popcorn, a good friend, lights out
Cougar on the prowl
Di Emmeseh Schoireh (for Misters H, B & M)
Etta tears our hearts out
Frank Rich on Torture, et. al.
Girls rule.  Boys drool
Hallelujah ala Jeff Buckley
If your not man enough
Jewelry for the Rectum
Kinky Reading
Lingerie Lust
Men in chains (wink)
Nerd Music
One hundred Book Clubs plus
Politics of Porn
Quitclaimed Slave Boy
Resveratrol ~ I’m a believer
Superannuated Fucking
Tess Eloise:  Authentic Courtesan
U know you want her … bad
V8 ~ I could have and I did and I do
Write-well by Orwell
X-Treme Ass Worship
Y U should buy the May Vanity Fair
Zen Goddesses