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A Rose by Any Other Name

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

Don’t tell me too much.  I want to worship you.   ~Elias Conetti

I talk, write, and dally in smutty things on a more-or-less daily basis. Strap-ons, golden showers, castration, forced homosexuality, prostate milking, incest, ass worship, nasty neighbors, orgasm denial and domestic discipline are but a few of the fantasies that cross my path, desk, mind, and phone lines. When it comes to our minds and the stuff that trips our switches, only God knows why the switches are so wacky and unpredictable. And I suspect it is God who is having the eternal and omnipotent last laugh.

… on all of us.

So why can’t we develop a sense of humor about all this and get things in their proper perspective?

Yes: The girl who has no problem bending you over for a sperm and urine enema is the same girl who attended a bible study last spring. The girl who ties you up and tortures your testicles while her friends gleefully watch does happen to pray on a semi-regular basis. The girl who fucks the bartender and makes you clean up his mess from you-know-where believes in karma, the golden rule, and spiritual responsibility.

The point being that both of these girls — who you (hopefully) love and adore — are one and the same. Namely, moi!

Maybe we can blame it on the Madonna-Whore Complex. Regardless, men (and even women, for that matter) can’t get their heads around the fact that there is room for all of this and more inside each and every one of us. Sexual kink and personal morality constitute what is possibly one of the great dichotomies of human existence.

Both complex and simple in its structure and implications, it is the stuff of philosophy, mythology, sociology, and theology.

Quit worrying about your dick and exercise you mind. Quit fretting about your freaky fetishes and stretch your heart.

The life of the mind and/or the imagination exists on a different plane and thereby plays by different cosmic rules than the ones we play by in our day-to-day lives.

In fact, maybe we should quit worrying about the rules so much. I’m pretty sure all of this can pretty much take care of itself. Aren’t you?